Winter setting in on the farm

It looks as though winter has arrived now. I beat myself up for the first couple of weeks frustrated with all the work that wasn’t finished. Then reality hits and I remind myself that I must work off the farm and you can only do so much on your own. I guess keeping incomplete projects on your list makes you look forward to the next season. Weekends are so precious when you work during the week and personal events and or weather can change what you accomplish. As I noticed the calendar date, I was reminded that it was time to bred sheep so Saturday because deworming and vaccinating for all our woolly friends. We have less ewes currently and things went smoothly. We treat all the goats, alpaca, and sheep with the same med’s so that makes things nice. The ram with go out with the girls this week and the thought has crossed my mind to breed the goats again. But I haven’t investigated any thing like that yet. Next on the radar is deworming and vaccinating the cow herd. I will plan for one of the next two weekends but that is somewhat dependant on the weather since when deworming you need the cows back to be dry and it stay dry for a period. The dewormer is a pour-on that is spread along the cows back. I must plan a bit in advance since the cows are currently not in the home yard. I am feeding them a bit from the barn so that they must walk home for water and salt & mineral. Of course, like every other year I only get to see my cows in daylight on the weekend. It’s dark when I leave and dark when I get home. Thank goodness for headlamps. It is an important tool for my farm these days.

I finished up the research summaries and now they need to be reviewed and put into a summary. Currently I am working on a presentation that I will be doing next week, and it must be submitted for review this week and I got stuck with some of the pictures that I am including. Sometimes I need a full-time tech. person with me to get me through some of those challenges.

It is the time of the year that I should be dragging out my Rubbermaid totes to start the Christmas Yard display. I was thinking I might go with the “less is more” strategy. Most likely I will get started and change my mind. It would be nice if we don’t get a whole bunch of snow before I start that, but I usually wait long enough that I have to trudge through it.

A special lady celebrated her 60th Birthday this week! Deb Zimmerman who many will know from Tompkins Hardware, or her fabulous cooking – she is even talking about retiring! If you see her wish her a Happy Birthday! She reminded me that we celebrated her 50th birthday for three days but for some reason none of us remember that nor do we think we can handle that for her 60th!