Winter prep underway at station

It certainly seems winter had moved in to stay. That was a fast transition. I was complaining about the mud but with these temperatures the mud might not be here for long either. It certainly made us move quickly to get heat on in the water bowls and animals drinking areas. Garden hoses don’t work well in these weather conditions. I thought I had put things away but there are still a few items that I notice and get them tucked away for a few months. My cows were still eating grass, but I was sure they would come home and let me know they were done with that and Saturday morning around 10 a.m. they did just that. I loaded up hay and moved the feeders and found a spot near the bush on the edge of the rock. They were happy and I was thinking; “well here we go again, another seven months of feeding.” Lexi and I walked to the back of the property to shut some gates. I didn’t think about it being hunting season and wasn’t dressed for it, but I was hoping we were safe on the back of our own property. Lexi was unimpressed with the wet messy conditions but enjoyed it once we got on hard ground. She and I will continue our walks to check on the cows now but not sure how she is going to like it in the dark. She is a bit of a princess. Lexi also turned two on Sunday and she was showered with some new toys and only name brand treats because she doesn’t care for any no name brands. Neither of which she needs as she has plenty of toys and is slightly overweight. It is all good until her next vet appointment! I will try and share a picture of her and Black Bettie in the Halloween costumes next week.

Katie and I were still trying to harvest our Three Sisters project last week while freezing and trying to not loose our boots in the mud. I have asked if we can quit but they seem to be ignoring us. We have tons of work to do on what we do have collected. We will be taking all the seeds out of the squash, sunflowers, beans, and corn (though the raccoon did most of that for us) and then counting them all. We also must take out all the flesh from the squash as well. Sounds easy but it is very time consuming.

Again, we are in a Cattle Sale week! We didn’t have much break this time around. We are selling some great bred cows at this sale. They will follow our feeder cattle and like I mentioned my best estimate is that will be around 4 p.m. One of the groups is from a young family in Thunder Bay and the wife is battling stage four cancer so we really hope we can do a good job of selling them for this family. Don’t forget to join us for some great food at our canteen! This is the last sale of the year, don’t miss out! Unfortunately this weather is making is quite a challenge to keep the water flowing so there is going to be some extra work to keep our cattle happy!