Will winter ever end its icy grip?

Winter certainly is the topic of most discussions—and rightfully so!
With minus-40 temperatures and 14-foot snow banks, we have every right to talk about it!
It certainly is hanging on, and all forecasts are indicating it is going to be colder than normal for most of March!
• • •
I am half done my calving and so far no frozen ears! It has been many more trips to the barn, which means that many more times of getting dressed and tripping over the frozen turds.
On Monday, since it warmed up to balmy minus-30, many of the calves were out playing and enjoying the 10-degree C warmer temperature.
For a lot of them, it was the first time they left the calf pen we built in the shed part of the barn. Nice to see them running and playing.
My biggest (i.e., most overweight) cow had a 62-pound calf the other night. This is pretty small, so I watched the camera thinking she might have another one but nope, just this little one.
Normal birth weights for me range from 80-100 pounds. No complaints, though, as long as they are up running and healthy!
• • •
It seems like there has been so much going on that time is ticking away rather quickly. Income tax is piling up and even though I have been crossing things off my list, it’s funny how things keep getting added on!
My biggest problem is I’m starting to drag my butt a bit after getting up every two or three hours to check cows for the last month!
Oh well, it will be over soon—just in time for the sheep to start lambing (the good thing about them is they all will fit in the barn on the cameras).
• • •
Farmers likely will be getting a couple of calls this month. The Rainy River Soil and Crop Association is doing a membership drive, so we’ll be doing some calling looking for more members.
As well, the Rainy River Regional Abattoir will be hosting a special general membership meeting and needs to have a great turnout, so we will be calling looking for you to attend a meeting March 26.
L.A. Quality Foods has been a big supporter and help to our local abattoir. He is based out of Thunder Bay but has been buying many cull cows from Rainy River—and even has brought cattle from Thunder Bay to be butchered here.
He has come up with a new pricing system for cull cows that will make things more competitive with our live cattle prices.
Cows now will be graded and will be paid as follows: D1—$1.60/pound; D2—$1.55; D3—$1.30; and D4—$1.25.
Marg is looking for cull cows right now so please get in touch with her by calling her cellphone (276-4580) or the abattoir (482-3038).
Leave a message if she is unable to pick up!