While the sun shines

We are all happy that we have more hay to cut this year, but now the weather needs to co-operate to allow us to get it baled up! Last week, the hay was not drying quickly at all, and I was very frustrated. Finally, by Friday was able to bale and I cheered up a bit more. We still had a bit to bale at work on Saturday, so I came in and raked in the morning and went out and baled Saturday night. I ran into some issues and had to leave a little bit. It wasn’t worth stressing over and I pulled a muscle and didn’t feel like overdoing it. It only would have amounted to about two bales, so I went home! Everyone was pushing all they could on Saturday because we were all expecting this rain. A nice small shower would have been welcome, but now it is starting to be just annoying. There is a lot of ground to cover yet so I am looking forward to sunny days. We just need a good stretch of weather.

Lexi was spayed last week. She is supposed to stay calm for 10-14 days. We are on day seven and we managed to be calm for the first three days, and now that she is feeling back to herself it is much more of a challenge. Berkley (Marlee’s dog) is visiting at grandma’s now and we must keep them apart or leashed. She seems to be healing up nicely and we are thankful for the great people at Nor-West Animal Clinic for looking after our “princess.”

I sorted out the heifers that I would like to take to the fair. The COVID layoff from the Fair has made me lazy about the work ahead. Now with this rain, it will be rubber boots in the corral, and it is less enjoyable. Other than Marlee’s 4-H heifer, I really didn’t know who I should bring in, but I finally decided on two. Now the fun part… I guess if we are not haying, I will be able to work on them.

Last week I had the outside of my house painted! It looks so great. I am very happy I had this done! It brightened up the entire place. Now this fall — if I can get my barn done — I will be happy. Expect my boyfriend/partner says — “until you find something else to be done.”

We have selected August 4 for the Open House and Soil & Crop Tour. I am hoping to organize this in conjunction with Rainy River Soil & Crop. I will be sure to relay the times and places as I hear back from them. My mom and I did a crop tour on Sunday night across the west end of the District. There is some good fields out there even though this hasn’t been the best cropping year!

There are a couple tickets out there that you should be looking at purchasing. Rainy River 4-H is selling tickets on a quilt and the Rainy River Valley Ag Society has a $25,000 cash raffle! Proceeds from both are going toward a new building that will house our 4-H Food booth — and we all know we need a new one!