What a weekend that was

What a great weekend to celebrate Easter!
Plenty of sunshine and great time to get outside and do some egg hunting!
We were lucky that Maddie and Marlee spent the weekend in the country.
There is no limit of things to do this time of the year, so we just tried turning jobs like checking the fence into fun jobs like looking for deer and elk sheds.
It was nice in the bush with the sun shining in and warming things up.
The girls are learning to appreciate the excitement of new growth, special tress and neat places in the bush.
They were also extremely disgusted with all the garbage that gets tossed out along the road and we spent time every day picking that up.
Sometimes we were so overloaded we had to bike home and return with the four-wheeler to pick it all up. Pop cans and beer cans were the top violators.
I don’t understand why people continue to do this?
• • •
On Saturday morning, we were up and on the road to Dryden by 6 a.m.! Marlee had hockey and we decided we would go to Egli’s for their “Open Farm Day.”
After Marlee’s practice, we headed over to see all the animals and of course their friends, Charlie and Levi. There were so many people!
And because of the little rain shower it really made things sticky and there were a few people that were stuck.
We left Maddie with her friends and back we went for hockey with Marlee.
It was a good day, maybe a little long but worth the drive. We were also lucky enough to see two moose on our way there and two on the way home.
Note: Egli’s have over 3,000 people on their “Open Farm Day” which is held every Easter weekend on the Saturday.
• • •
We just started lambing at home, so things are kind of busy again.
I must remind myself to check on them since it is easy to get busy with spring jobs at this time of the year.
We are thinking we would like to try and get our rabbits bred again so we need to investigate renting a buck. I still have two rabbits in the house!
I am thinking once May rolls around they should be able to make their way outside, right?
• • •
Thanks to those who came out and worked at the Stratton Sales Barn on Easter Monday.
It looked as though there was a good turn out and they were working away at the list of jobs!
Murray and Shelly provided a delicious lunch and we think we are ready for the first sale of the year!
This Saturday at the Stratton Sales Barn we will be selling approximately 1,500 head.
If you are looking for a job, please give James a call at 807-271-2005 or 807-487-2731.
If you are needing community hours you are more that welcome to come as well.
Take the drive over to Stratton and come and view the sale! It is always fun to watch people come to an auction and enjoy the cattle going through the ring and listening to the auctioneer.
We have a great canteen as well; come out for lunch!
• • •
Just a reminder that over the next few weeks you will likely see more tractors, equipment, and fertilizer spreaders on the roads.
Take a deep breath and enjoy the view while you may have to follow or slow down for a bit.