Wet fields causing problems

Despite the fact we have been experiencing beautiful weather these past few weeks, the fields are pretty darn wet!
The heavy rainfalls we’ve been receiving, coupled with the shorter days, don’t allow for things to dry up too quickly. I still have water standing here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station and I’m on tiled land.
We did manage to combine a few more trials with the help of a couple of volunteers! It’s looking like I’ve found some fall help but we still are waiting on paperwork.
Once we are past the critical cutting date for our forages, we will tackle those plots. The soybeans still are a few weeks away from harvest, but things could change if we get a hard frost, too.
Meanwhile, there is no end to seed to clean at this point!
• • •
I couldn’t resist cutting some hay at home last week–silly me! I didn’t leave any ruts or anything, but I actually got off the tractor to see if I had a flat tire since the discbine was pulling so hard (it was just because the field is so soft).
I really wanted to square bale this field but despite raking it, it just wasn’t drying down enough so it became round bales with silo-guard (a hay preservative).
This was the best option given the heavy rainfall warning that was issued for Monday.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee spent the weekend in the country. But Maddie decided she sure wanted a break from her sister, so Marlee spent most of her time at my place and Maddie at grandma’s (there is a lot less fighting this way!)
Marlee was busy farming and four-wheeling (and according to her, she is a “gooder” driver than her sister) while Maddie was crafting and enjoying her time away from her sister.
Their parents finally caved in and they are the proud owners of a new kitty! “Ziggy” joined their family last week and likely will be the most spoiled cat around.
• • •
I ventured off last Wednesday to the farmers’ Market with Ted and Deb. The market there is slowing down now for the season, but I still enjoyed the buzz of everyone running around to their favourite vendors!
I truly enjoy talking (I’m sure you will find that statement funny) to people and selling local meat.
The fresh beef that Rainy River Meats was selling was the 4-H steer they had purchased. It looked so delicious–I was hungry all day just thinking about putting a ribeye on the barbecue.
It was great seeing people leave with their purchases excited about supper that evening!
If you are driving through Kenora on a Wednesday for the next month, be sure to stop in and check out the tent!
• • •
Happy birthday to the best mom in the world for today (Sept. 11). My mom is turning 64 and the only reason I’m mentioning that is the fact she is 20 years older than me.
I will be turning 44 soon, but you wouldn’t believe how many people tell me she looks like my sister!
Compliment for her—but not sure about me!
• • •
I hope to see everyone at the “Cowboys & Lace” hospital fundraiser supper this Saturday (Sept. 14) at the Emo Arena!
If you still need a ticket, call 274-4803.
It is going to be a great evening with lots of fun, food, and raising money for our hospitals!