Weather perfect for Emo Fair

Well, another Emo Fair has come and gone! And what a beautiful weekend it was.
We did have a few brief showers Saturday afternoon, but it just helped to keep the dust down. Meanwhile, temperatures were near perfect, which seems to make the cattle perform much better.
This year we had many of our young kids in the ring learning the ropes of showing cattle. I know people have mixed feelings about whether we should allow these young kids in the ring but they all did well and I don’t know if you are ever too young to start developing those cattle skills.
There isn’t much more reward than seeing the smile on the kids’ faces when they get their ribbons, no matter what colour they are!
I was very pleased with how well my cattle did, and happy that Maddie and Marlee finished their showing despite their eagerness to get out to the midway (I was never a midway kid so I never had that distraction).
“Youngstar,” my yearling Hereford bull, was the centre of attention for a good part of the fair as he was the “Guess the Weight” animal, which the Rainy River Hereford Association has been organizing for a number of years now.
People seem to really enjoy the challenge of seeing how close they can get.
This year, Scott McLeod from Degagne Equipment guessed it right on! The bull weighed 1,212 pounds (I understand Scott had some help from Louis, but I’m hearing he didn’t share his prize!)
Ryan Brunetta, meanwhile, was the winner of the Rainy River Hereford Association’s $500 beef package.
The Rainy River District 4-H Association’s draw for a side of a 4-H steer was won by Jim McQuaker and Cassidy Spence (the lucky winners will enjoy some top-notch Rainy River beef!)
• • •
We had an extremely successful 4-H auction on Saturday as the steer prices were awesome! Thanks to all the buyers; the support we receive here in Rainy River District is phenomenal.
I was proud of all our 26 4-H members who completed their project and sold their steer, but I have to mention how nice it was for Timothy Rempel–a first-year 4-H member—for having the grand champion!
I know he was having a hard time to say good-bye to his steer, but he told me he plans to be back in it next year so that is wonderful.
Benny Miller was our grand champion showmen, and he had a great weekend doing well with both his heifer and steer!
His family had three steers in the competition and all three of them made the top six—something to be very proud of!
I think one my favourite parts of the 4-H program is watching the kids grow up and the families do so well. It just makes me smile and feel proud to be involved with agriculture!
• • •
The Fort Frances Times published a picture of me when I was the Emo Fair queen in 1985 which caused a lot of talk over the weekend. Everyone I ran into couldn’t wait to give me a little tease about being a queen.
Dan Rose made my day, however, when he said he was sure I likely was only 10 years old at the time!
So when local MP John Rafferty called upon me at the 4-H steer auction, I was sure that even he was going to give me a hard time about it! Instead, I was completely stunned and speechless when he actually was honouring me with a Queen’s Jubilee Medal.
I’m still shocked and very touched.
I certainly feel pretty darn blessed (most days) with all that I am able to do. I love agriculture with a huge passion and enjoy promoting it, not only within our own district but elsewhere, as well.
I am fortunate to have grown up with a family that has allowed me to do what I love. I can’t imagine things any other way–and I’m certainly hoping I will be able to instill my passion for our community and our country in Maddie and Marlee, too.
Thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes. It really does make me feel appreciated.