Weather just isn’t co-operating

It’s June—and we still are struggling to plant and get our “spring” jobs completed.
I’m feeling overwhelmed right now as the list keeps growing, the calendar keeps turning, and the weather continues to not co-operate.
We purchased a new brush mower last year for grass cutting here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station, but unfortunately our old Massey tractor is unable to run it, which means we are down to one tractor for most of the jobs.
This also is becoming a problem this year.
As well, we still are experiencing some tile issues. This is really frustrating–and causing me some grief laying out our plots that we have yet to plant.
I know you always should look at the bright side. And yes, we have a good chunk of our plots in, but we always focus on what we have yet to do!
Often during the first week of June, you will see local dairy farmers start to chop alfalfa for silage, but I don’t think much haying equipment will be moving this year when, in fact, I think most still are struggling to get their spring seeding in the ground!
• • •
I finally moved my cows to pasture on the weekend. I’m not sure who was happier–me or the cows?
I made a mistake and hauled away a steer that was supposed to be going to live with a 4-H steer. I normally sort my cattle pretty accurately, but not this trip.
I waited until the end of the day (once their bellies were full of grass), and was able to go and get him in (and delivered the steers, as well).
I was doubtful, though, that I could convince him to come back in after that first taste of green grass.