Weather ideal for calving season

Well calves came steady last week with just a few bumps along the way. Most days I do my farm work during the day and then when it is dark, I do my other jobs on the computer. Friday night I was feeling tired so I thought I would relax a little and watch my favourite show that I have PVRed. I was thinking I could take Friday night off and then work harder on Saturday and Sunday. The cows had other plans so I didn’t get to the computer and I am going to have to work harder this week. All my heifers (first time calvers) are finished now! The last one seemed to be on everyone’s mind as if you looked at her belly it looked like she might be having a dozen. She wasn’t but it did cause us some problems. It was coming with only one foot. (You always want to see two feet and a nose.) My vet cousin was off trying to do some grocery shopping so I called my neighbour who quickly came. Unfortunately she was pushing too hard to be able to get the calf back to get the other foot up so we had to wait for the Vet to get some med’s so that she stopped pushing. I distracted her by feeding grain…. It was the best I could do. Once the vet arrived and the drugs were giving it wasn’t much time and the foot was up, and the calf was safely pulled. He was alive and his momma loved him so all was good. Thankful once again for such great support of neighbours. I welcomed another set of twins early this morning. The first calf was big enough that I sure wasn’t expecting another, but we have two! I am down to single digits remaining now. I can barely believe how quickly things have gone, but I predict a slow time coming as my old bull had some foot problems so I think the last few might be spaced out a bit. I cannot tell you much this weather helps with the stress! Amazing.

Next Monday is the opening day of the Research Station for 2023 but as per usual I will start my first week off at home. I need to wean myself off checking cows all day long. There is enough snow yet that it is easier to wait for that to subside as well. I cannot believe we are already at mid March.

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is preparing for their Spring Ag Day on May 6. They are currently looking for sponsorship and or displays for their Trade Show. I believe you can reach out to Tracy at 807-275-7180 if you are interested. This is a growing event and it worth your while being present!

We had a surprise visitor at the farm on the weekend! Lexi’s human mom was in town from Dryden was in town for hockey and took the time to come for a visit! It was great! I don’t know if Lexi remembered her, but she greeted her with all kinds of love. I warn people not to allow dog kisses these days because of all the barn yard treasures these days!