Weather didn’t dampen Canada Day

Although the weather could have co-operated a bit more for all the Canada Day celebrations across the district, it could have been a lot worse!
As far as I know, all the events that were happening continued on despite the rain showers.
Maddie and Marlee joined Charlie and Levi (the Dryden twins) in the Barwick parade.
If you haven’t attended the Barwick parade, you are missing out–it is a big one! Great job to everyone who participated.
Marlee was even more impressed with the female fastball players. She was keen on watching all the players and couldn’t believe the pitching.
We rushed off from Barwick to check on the farm, then we were off to the meet the Blisses in Mine Centre. We made it across the lake without rain, but were not at the cabin very long when it rained once again.
I sat with “Roxee” under the deck for a while because although Roxee is a black Lab, she doesn’t enjoy the rain and she wasn’t allowed in the cabin (a good thing, too, because she would have headed straight to a bed).
I left everyone in Mine Centre (even Roxee) and came back home. I was hoping that maybe I would be cutting hay on Sunday and I almost did, but thought I should give it one more day to dry.
Though it isn’t the worst I have seen, I didn’t think it was smart to cut hay expecting it to dry when the ground was damp.
At one point when I checked the weather, it looked like we might have a decent window to make some hay but that already has changed. Either way, we have to get started.
The weather makes this job much more stressful than it needs to be!
• • •
I have been trying to keep some fly spray on my cows hoping it would make them a bit more comfortable. Some enjoy the spray down while others are sure you are up to no good.
This is the last week for the bulls to be out. They need to be pulled this weekend and Maddie’s 4-H heifer needs to brought in and she will need some work!
The Emo Beef 4-H Fun Day is booked for Sunday, July 23 so I hope she will be able to take her to that.
Thankfully, the phoebe birds that made their home in the goose neck of the trailer should be out and on their own this week, so I can use the cattle trailer again.
• • •
I have some bad lambs this year. They are disrespecting the electric fence and as their wool grows, the shock is much less.
They seem to know how to put their heads just right and run right through it (I haven’t had lambs do this before).
I wouldn’t care other than they are horrible to eat things that you don’t want them to. And outside of the fence, they don’t have protection from other things that want to eat them!
• • •
I am very proud of Sam, the director of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, and the board for successfully selling out of the Canada Day Cash Lottery tickets!
The lucky winner was Robert Bliss, who happened to turn 92 on Sunday.
I received the text that he had won while I was in Mine Centre, so we stopped in to let him know!
Thanks to everyone for supporting this awesome lottery!
• • •
This week’s winner of our “Catch the Ace” draw was Mike Cyr. Congratulations and thanks for supporting the draw!
The progressive pot should be close to $4,000 for this Friday’s draw at the Emo Legion.
Get your tickets from Stratton Service, JD Junction, Badiuk Equipment, the Fort Frances Times, Shoppers Home Health Care, Dev-Lynne’s, Village Variety, the Emo Legion, Suzie’s Hairstyling, Tompkins Hardware, or the Emo Inn.
They also are available from Donna Govier, Louis Bujold, Elaine Aveyard, Steve Loshaw, James Gibson, Lisa Teeple, Jo Bragg, Marg Irvine, Tony Bliss, Jason Teeple, Deb Zimmerman, Trish Neilson, Jen VanzWol, or myself.
Be sure to join in the fun!
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association’s annual crop tour will be held Thursday July 27th (meeting at the Emo Agricultural Research Station at 9:30 a.m.)
Then the annual open house at EARS will follow at 7 p.m.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at these great events!