Weather causing woes

I’m really starting to think that I might need to make a career change.
As much as I am passionate and in love with agriculture, our latest weather is enough to make me go crazy!
My cows are miserable and the sheep just despise walking in mud. My horse looks like he was in a mud run while “Roxee” (the black lab) would rather sleep than go anywhere outside.
I have my cattle on a hill and you would never even know it. And there is no sense in trying to put dry bedding down since they’ll have that tramped into the ground in minutes.
There is not enough grass to let them go to pasture but they would do just about anything right now to get to the bush.
The forecast is calling for sunshine this week so I hope that will cheer everyone and everything up!
One of our tree customers explained to me the other day why he was so happy we were getting the rain.
I just about lost it but patiently replied, “Yes, well if you were a farmer and you were watching hopelessly while your grain dies in the field, and you have likely spent over $300/acre planting it [more for some crops], and that doesn’t include your time and you have no control over it, you might be thinking differently.”
I really had big hopes for this year after last year’s disaster.
I wouldn’t be surprised if many people end up re-seeding. But let’s face it, it won’t be anytime soon now.
• • •
I guess we need to be thankful that the weather cleared up for the evening of the Manitou fish fry and the day of the annual Stratton fishing tournament.
We were celebrating Marlee’s seventh birthday on Friday night so we missed out on the fish fry but all reports indicated it was a huge hit once again!
I chose to stay home on Saturday to do some yard work—wearing rubbers and splash pants to cut some of the grass while leaving ruts along the way.
Despite fewer fish getting caught at the tournament in Stratton, my boyfriend/partner said everyone got a taste and once again it was a great meal, with even better company!
I stopped in for a quick hello (and to check in on my dog) on my way to a bachelorette party in Stratton. One of my best friends is getting married this weekend and I am lucky enough to be a part of the special day (I’m actually on the groom’s side).
It is going to be a fun night with lots of laughing and dancing.
Marlee is having her “kid birthday party” on the farm on Sunday, so I’m already stressing about having everything dialed in. There is one thing for sure: they will need rubber boots!
We are planning to play some “Barnyard Olympics.”
• • •
Norbord (Ainsworth) has an exciting event happening today on a chunk of property it owns.
The company is taking part in trying to set a world record for the most trees planted in one hour and has arranged for students from Rainy River High School, Fort High, and S.C.A.P. to plant 2,000 trees in that span.
Again, the forecast is for sunshine but no doubt we will be planting in rubber boots!
• • •
One of our new John Deere tractors is in at the Emo Agricultural Research Station and my goodness are we excited.
So be on the watch for a shiny new John Deere!