We need more relaxing nights

I am counting on a less busy week this week.
Last week was jammed pack with lots of running from concerts, to hockey, meetings, shopping and every spare hour putting up Christmas lights. I was preparing for a house party on Saturday night.
I finally finished them on Friday and began getting indoors ready.
I had intentions of getting more house work accomplished before I started that task, but it will have to be down after the holidays, I think. I started downstairs, got the tree and decorations up. Moved upstairs and though I had my decorations up, I didn’t get the tree decorated.
It had the lights on, so I don’t think anyone minded.
Last minute before people arrived, I had to change a set of lights on my barn that were not working.
Before the people arrived, part of the new set went out as well, but I think they are staying there now.
We had a good night despite the house work not being finished, the lights not all working, or the upstairs tree not decorated.
We sat, we talked, we laughed, we ate and drank, and that other stuff didn’t matter at all.
We need more nights like this.
• • •
Our Sales Barn Building Committee took a couple of days and visited a couple of barns to get a handle on what we should be considering for our new place.
We are hoping to have our applications submitted early in the new year. It is quite an exciting time for us.
• • •
I am so pleased with all that showed up to the Rainy River Soil & Crop annual meeting last Thursday night. Thank you!
It was a very informative meeting and the two girls from OMAFRA that joined us, Christine O’Reilly and Joanna Follings, are hoping to come back in the summer months. We will work on that.
• • •
Deer hunting season is over in the country now as of last night.
Marlee couldn’t get any hunting time this weekend because of hockey but I tell you she put in a good effort this year.
I had six nice deer celebrating in my yard last night right after dark.
They come and eat at my bird feeder almost every night, but I think they were jumping for joy that it was Dec. 15 and season was closed.
Black Bettie sits in the window and growls at them; she is much more of a “Watch Rabbit” than my sleeping “Watch Dog.”
• • •
With the colder temperatures last week, some of the water lying around started to harden up.
My cows are coming home for water now. They have a bit of a trek, but I feel that it is good for them.
It is nice to see them coming across the hill in a nice, straight line.
Roxee and I love walking the cow trails–they make a great walking trail.
• • •
This week I need to get my shopping list tackled.
It is looking better but I still have a few more things to find. What I am looking for, I really don’t know!
I really enjoy shopping local, though; we have all kinds of talented people making special things.