We missed brunt of wintery weather

It sounds like we missed out on the brunt of wintery weather once again after hearing how nasty road conditions were north of us.
We likely would have had quite a dump of snow ourselves over the weekend had it not been so wet.
Not sure what is worse? It certainly is greasy and sloppy in the barn yard right now.
Saturday was a very beautiful day and we saw the sun all day! I was able to get the sheep all vaccinated and the ram out!
I then thought it would be a perfect day to Ivomec (de-worm) the cows. Alas, they didn’t agree.
I tried to convince them to come home but they quickly turned their heads and disappeared into the bush.
After waiting a few hours, I thought I would just walk up and do as many as I could right in the field. But after I finished a half-dozen, they all disappeared on me once again.
Fortunately, I have until the end of the month to complete this task to ensure safe coverage for my herd.
• • •
The Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society held its annual meeting last week, with Emily Watson being named president, James Gibson as first vice-president, Jan Halverson as second vice-president, and Jan Judson as secretary/treasurer.
Other board members include Angela Halverson, Marie Whiting, Michelle Marinaro, Gary Judson, Carol Inkster, Shelly Caul, Calvin Caul, and Jason Teeple.
The fair board still is short a few directors. If you would have time to attend one meeting a month to help plan one of the oldest events in our district, get in touch with any of the directors listed above.
Volunteering is a very worthwhile feeling and is very much a part of living in a healthy, successful community.
I think we all would be disappointed if there was no fall fair to look forward to each August in Emo! Please consider being a part of this organization!
• • •
The Rainy River Hereford Association is hosting its annual meeting and potluck dinner this Friday (Nov. 22) at the Stratton seniors’ centre.
Join us at 6 p.m. for some social time, followed by supper.
The association provides the roast beef (Louis Bujold and I are cooking up prime rib roasts for your enjoyment!)
Everyone is welcome—no matter what colour your cattle are! It is an evening of fellowship, door prizes, and lots of laughs (Louis is very funny!)
• • •
Thank you to everyone who has passed along such kind words on my “Faces of Farming” calendar project.
It was really a neat little project that I was lucky enough to be able to participate in.
I am fortunate to live in such a great community, with great family and friends who support me so much. I’m also very pleased that Northwestern Ontario is featured in the calendar and that people will realize—and see—how much we have going on here!
I feel very blessed to be involved with agriculture. And when I stop and think of how much the industry has provided me, I can’t imagine any better life!