We desperately need sunshine

Well, Oct. 1 is here but I think it feels more like Nov. 1. We really need some sunshine–like a whole month or two of it.
I just can’t believe how quickly things went to heck.
I think we all were expecting the miserable weather to come and go but it really is hanging on.
• • •
Last week was a busy one at home and though I really debated about weaning my calves, I went ahead as planned. The corral is a mess but when I looked at the long-term weather forecast, I didn’t think there was a lot of hope that it was going to improve.
I hauled my cull cows and calves to Stratton on Thursday morning to reserve my pen. It was a good thing because on Friday morning, my cows were not co-operating.
They knew what was up and the mud makes it much more difficult to move quickly to chase them in. I started early but they were not moving fast.
Then it was sort time. We thought we had made the decision on who was going and who was staying but at the last minute, we changed our minds on a few more heifers and I am glad we did because I felt the price gap between heifers and steers was large and I was slightly disappointed with some heifer prices.
I’ve always felt this was unfair since once you are eating a steak, you really can’t tell if it is a heifer or a steer.
Overall, I think we had a very successful sale Saturday in Stratton. We sold 1,617 head (five of those were sheep) for a total sale of $1,936,728.41.
We have been continuing to make changes to improve things for our workers so that it is easier to pen and sort, and it seemed to really pay off at this sale. We have some great staff that work very long hours to pull this off and we are thankful that they show such dedication.
We will be back again for our next sale on Oct. 20 and we are expecting another great run of cattle.
You can view our auction report at http://www.ontariobeef.com/markets/auction-markets/rainyriver-stocker.aspx
• • •
I celebrated my 49th birthday on Sunday–that’s right, 49! Most days I think I am still 25 or maybe 30 but I did feel 49 on Sunday because of the cattle sale the previous day.
I have big plans of finishing to stain the deck and dog house, but I really don’t think that is going to happen now. Then I feel frustrated with myself that I need to mange my time better and get more accomplished at home.
The fall jobs are endless but can be a lot more enjoyable with a warm, sunny day!
• • •
You may have noticed we finally have all our hops inside at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We still don’t have them all picked off the vine but they are in!
We are busy cleaning seed and trying to get some data completed. We still are hoping we can get outside again and complete our work.
You may have noticed some disco balls in the field. We were told they really help to keep the geese away although I think the sun needs to shine to help with that, as well.
Bottom line–the sun needs to shine for so many things!
• • •
I really can’t believe we are headed into Thanksgiving weekend already.
Wishing everyone a great weekend–we all have a lot to be thankful for!