Way too much rain

Here is hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We had one day with no moisture, but it returned with its ugly face again.
Since it started to rain on Aug. 17, we have had 433.5 mm or 17.34 inches. That is the amount that we should receive through our entire regular growing season from May 1 to Oct. 31!
This amount varies across the district but the one thing we would agree on is the fact that it is wet and we all need sunshine!
• • •
It seems things are busy, but it isn’t necessarily doing the things we wish we could do.
We put away a bunch of our equipment over the weekend and it made me sad.
I wish we could make more hay, haul manure or even just cut the grass.
Many people are tight on the hay supply and now with the conditions it is tough to move cattle around or find a place for them to graze without doing a bunch of damage.
I had to put out hay for my cows this weekend; it’s about a month sooner that I would have liked.
• • •
I am not sure what to do about the remaining plots here at EARS.
I may have to just leave what is left and figure out a way to deal with it either after it freezes or wait until spring.
The geese have done some heavy damage in many plots.
I would have never ever imagined a year such as this because things usually improve at some point, but this is now two months into a wet mess.
I should have no problem writing my report this year with most of my crops still in the field.
• • •
We are into a cattle sale week again. We are also hoping we might hear something from our insurance company regarding our barn fire!
It looks like things are shaping up for another big sale. Conditions are tough for people trying to get cattle in, hauling them and everything in between.
James had done so much work cleaning up a bunch of our pens at the sales barn and everything is just a wet mess again.
We have people asking about our cattle numbers already, so this is a great sign for our sale!
If you haven’t let James know what you are bringing, please get in touch with him!
We have a request right now for calves that have been fully vaccinated with live vaccines, so please be sure to let us know if this is the case for you.
• • •
On Saturday we celebrated my boyfriend/partner’s Mom’s–Grandma Grace’s–80th Birthday!
It was a really nice party. Happy (early) birthday, Grace–you are an amazing woman who certainly doesn’t sure her age!
Wishing you many more happy, healthy years.
• • •
My dad is still in the hospital recovering from his broken hip!
Though we wish he was home, we all know that he is in the best place right now to get himself all healed up.
We are happy he is getting some much-needed rest. Just wish it didn’t have to come like this!