Waiting on the rain to salvage crops

I know you will all think I am crazy for saying; “we need a rain!” Normally I am complaining that we have had too much. We are seeing some severe drought and frost damage in our crops. It is looking like the crops that were already stressed from being dry then got hit with frost and they are not recovering at all. In fact, you will see some major yellow patches and dead areas in many fields. This is scary for early June. You may have noticed your lawn looking more like mid July. We could use a good inch of rain. As the clouds blew in on Friday night, I was really thinking we might get some rain. On a year when we don’t really need rain that would have dropped us 6” but instead I got ½ of 1 tenth of an inch. I will take it though. I feel confident it will come but I just hope it comes in time to salvage some hay and pasture or it won’t be good for any of us. The early seeded crops are looking decent but the stuff that was planted at what I would call our “regular time” is very spotty and needs a drink. I have a great crop of weeds but feel a tad bit nervous spraying as these crops are already struggling being dry and then you are going to hit them with chemical stress. The weeds are doing great though. Normal rain fall for June is around 113 mm and this year at the Station we had 34 mm. My weather data goes back to 2000 and it is the driest June ever.

Friday night I had one group of cows that were happy to get to green grass. I might have been just as happy though. You would think they would stay away but they went out and filled their bellies and back to the yard to lay in the sun! I realize they must come home for water because the normal water spots are bone dry. As well they think the bugs are bad and I am afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better. I am trying out a new unit that will apply bug spray on the cows when then rub on it. I hope it works! Saturday morning, we did the last of the fence check. I was nervous about seeing a snake, but it was easily distracted by the multiple wood-ticks.

My mom and I tackled the sheep flock Sunday. Well, that included the lambs, goats, kids, and alpaca! They are now vaccinated and dewormed and off to green grass. It took us a good part of the day, but it was nice to have it done. I was thinking I would do some hoof trimming at the same time, but it was too hot to handle them any much longer.

Wishing everyone a great week. Enjoy the sunshine; I know it is hot but it sure feels good!