Waiting for grass to grow

Well, I made the mistake of looking at the weather for next week thinking that we are going to be closer to getting on land. I just hope the predictions are wrong. May makes me think of warm sunshine and green grass. Hopefully by the end of the week that will be the case. It makes me nervous for grass (pasture) growth as we are all counting down the days to have our cows out of the yard and on pasture. Hay is tight for all of us, and this is a crucial month for pasture growth. My cows are eating extra as they are in full milk production and the calves are big enough that they are eating a fair bit themselves — the bales are 800-900 lbs, and they go through them overnight. I finally got most of the sheep/lambs out of the barn. We just have the bottle babies and the last three ewes that lambed in the barn. We spent the last three Sundays wheel-barrowing manure out of the barn and in these conditions, it isn’t a very easy job.

If anyone is looking for a pet ewe — my mom and Marlee might have a deal for you. The two of them purchased this ewe from a friend. She thinks she is dog, loves to be around people, and would be happy sleeping on your step if you allowed her. The best thing about her is that she has enough of the “hair breed” in her that she sheds her wool and does not need to be sheared.

She is unable to be a momma. We tried twice and both times she ended up lambing early and she has a condition known as ring womb — meaning she does not open, and we must pull the lamb out — and it is not an easy task. If we kept her, we would have to keep her away from the ram and that would mean a whole separate area. If you are interested, reach out and I will discuss it with the owners. She is friendly and I hate to see her go to the abattoir as she would make a nice yard pet for someone.

The miserable weekend weather worked in my favour as I completed my income tax! I didn’t feel guilty about sitting in front of the computer and checking over my many bills. I am proud of myself that over the years I am getting a system that is working and is taking less time. I should still start working on it sooner than I do. I still have to file HST and my AgriStability year end, but I should be able to finish that off one night this week. I will still be sitting at my computer as I am working on another application for the abattoir. I have been avoiding it but need to get that done before the weather changes.

This Saturday you will want to join in on the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture Ag Day. The committee has worked hard to put together a trade show and a great lineup of speakers. It begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Chapple Rec Centre. Lunch is available from Caul’s Catering! Make the time to come out and support those who have worked hard to put this program together!