Very proud of all our 4-H members

Well, that week went fast.
On Friday, we thought we were going to melt at the Emo Fair it was so hot, but it stayed pretty darn decent on Saturday for the 4-H show.
We had some large classes so as our show grows like this, it takes a lot more time to complete. How exciting is that!
Our judge, Mark Angus, complimented our cattle and show over his two days of viewing.
In our Open Beef Show, we had 31 Jack-Pot Heifers! The 4-H show saw 22 heifers and 33 steers–likely one of the largest shows ever!
I am very proud of all our 4-H members for displaying top-notch cattle and I look forward to seeing the grade sheet once all the steers have made it through the abattoir.
• • •
If you took the time to guess the weight on “Evan” and “Esther,” you might be interested in hearing their totals!
Evan (the brown alpaca) weighed 85 pounds while Esther (the black one) weighed 75 pounds! So their combined weight was 160 pounds, which Marlene McQuaker and Irene Lougheed both nailed and went away with $50 each!
Thanks to all who took the time to enter a guess.
Evan and Esther seemed to really enjoy their time at the fair but were happy to get back home again!
• • •
Howard Advent was lucky enough to have his name drawn in our “Catch the Ace” weekly draw held in conjunction with the Emo Fair.
He chose envelope # 23, which contained the queen of spades.
As such, Howard took home about $400 while the progressive pot should be near $3,000 when the next draw is made this Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Stratton sales barn.
Be sure to get your ticket and join in on the fun!
• • •
A huge thank you to those that continue to support our 4-H steer auction each year at the Emo Fair.
We had 33 steers this year and our community came together and help support our 4-H members. The quality of steers was pretty impressive and I’m certain that is some of the best local beef you can access.
The abattoir staff and our processors will be very busy for the next few weeks so please be patient during this very busy time.
Norlund Oil also awards every 4-H member displaying a 4-H heifer with a cash award and we are grateful for their support, as well.
• • •
The top three showmen in our 4-H classes this year went to Hanna LeDrew, Caleb Peters, and Kailey Croswell. This is when the judge is viewing you and how well you display your animal.
Our 4-H leaders really to put a lot of emphasis on this and always are pleased to see the members do well in the class.
It also is really great to see the kids grow and gain confidence when they are in the program year after year.
Meanwhile, the top three 4-H Beef Heifer Females went to Raelle Redford, Katie Hay, and Hanna LeDrew–it was a pretty impressive bunch of breeding females! And the top six 4-H steers went to Katie Hay, Serena Teeple, Hanna LeDrew, Cassie Teeple, Joshua Peters, and Avery Cates.
To sum things up, it was a great fair and I’m sad it is over so fast. We drag stuff out to Emo for a week and then I spent all day Sunday putting it away.
I really would like to head up to the Dryden Fair this weekend with Maddie and Marlee and our cows, but they are off to hockey and, well, we are all headed into a cattle sale on Saturday (Aug. 25).
It is going to be quite a week between combining, the seed data being due, and the cattle sale.