Vaccinations went well despite conditions

Each spring, as vaccination time approaches, I tend to worry that the handling facilities won’t be thawed out or be still full of snow.
But for the first-time ever, it happened!
I’m about three weeks away from breeding, so the cows needed to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, the corral still has about three feet of snow in it.
Due to the fact that the ice was dangerous, and the head gate wouldn’t fully open, we ran all the cows through the maternity pen to vaccinate. The calves, meanwhile, we did in big groups and we made the yearlings go through the chute.
Despite the conditions, it went well.
It will be interesting to see what it is like in three weeks when we run everyone through again for their boosters!
• • •
I’m feeling very sorry for the many farms who are just getting set to start calving. These farms are calving at this time of year to avoid this weather and so are not set up to have cattle in and out of barns.
Many of them have stockpiled forages so the babies can be born on the nice, clean stubble–this is a difficult year for many.
• • •
Thankfully, we had a great turnout for our sales barn work-bee in Stratton on Saturday! There was a ton of extra work to be done as the snow played havoc on our entire system.
I’m sure everyone who attended had plenty of work to do right at home, but they spent the day volunteering.
It just reminds me of what a great bunch of people we have here in our district.
• • •
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir has been given approval to slaughter poultry through its facilities.
The equipment needs to be purchased, however, and due to financial constraints, the community needs to contribute to raising this money.
It is looking like our goals of raising the money are very close, and I thank all of you who responded to my e-mail!
• • •
I’ve been receiving applications for our summer positions at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS).
We only will be hiring two students, though, and we certainly have received more applications.
I’m hoping some of these students would consider raising a few chickens or growing a plot of veggies. You require little space for both and will have no problem selling them, and you will be working for yourself!
• • •
Don’t forget that “Spring Fever Days” run tomorrow through Saturday in Emo and, of course, the first cattle sale of the season this Saturday (April 20) in Stratton.