Twins arrive on the farm for Family Day

Happy Family Day! I am sure my family is likely wishing they were celebrating Family Day is some other way that looking after a bunch of calving cows. I left for Toronto and won’t return until Thursday night. I am VERY fortunate to have a community of great friends that are willing to help out while I am off to the Beef Farmers of Ontario Annual General Meeting. I have not been to this meeting for many years. The last time I attended was when my grandma was still actively farming. Of course as I was getting ready to leave a cow started to calve but I had to catch a flight so my mom was in charge.  Sunday evening a cow calved and I went out to the barn to make sure they had plenty of straw. I was busy packing and getting some tasks completed before I took off. I thought I should look at the camera to see how the new black white face calf was doing. I was slightly shocked to see a red white face calf sulking the cow. Much to my surprise, she had twins. Saturday Marlee’s 4-H heifer had a sweet little heifer and I was happy that Marlee agreed to name her June in honour of what would have been my sweet friend June Keddie’s birthday. If there is anything good I can find about me being away is the fact that a good chunk of my older cows are not going to calve for a bit. A combination of me holding the bull back a week or so and then my old bull having some feet troubles means there are less due this week. The once’s that are close are the younger ones and often the ones that require a little more attention. I think my mom is thinking that I am going to be spying on her the entire time that I am gone but in fact is stresses me out watching and knowing that I am too far away to do anything. I will just concentrate on my tasks given over the next few days.

A sweet surprise in the barn – twins arrived on the farm, with more adorable calves on the way. – Kim Jo Bliss photo

Thank you to Harold McQuaker for sponsoring the Muskie girls Alumni game over the weekend in Emo. It was so great to see so many smiles on the girls playing the game. My dad would have been so pleased to have the girls playing in his favourite arena and on the best ice around.