Too few days to finish work

Hard to believe November is very much upon us.
This tends to send me into panic mode. The Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS) is supposed to be completed by Dec. 1 but I’m just not sure if November has enough days for me this year!
I’ve been able to get back out plowing and, despite the cold days on the tractor, it is going very nicely. But I’m afraid the weather is going to get the best of me this week, though (if the forecasts are correct).
Of course, the time change is going to make it difficult to do much after work now. I really would rather get up in the dark and do chores than come home in the dark.
I was told that the time change is so that we use less energy in the mornings? So what about the energy in the evenings–it doesn’t seem to be any cheaper at this time of the day!
• • •
It was nice to see a decent turnout at the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s annual meeting Friday evening in Emo.
A delicious “mostly local” meal was served by the Emo Legion volunteers. And Linda Armstrong was honoured with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for her much-deserved countless hours she has spent working in Rainy River District.
She was taken totally by surprise and I certainly understand her overwhelming feeling.
Thanks to local MP John Rafferty for presenting Linda with this wonderful award.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner built a new deer stand for hunting or viewing at his mom’s place in North Branch.
His niece and family came down from Dryden for a weekend of hunting. They have two little girls, so I took Maddie and Marlee out for a visit.
We all decided to go sit in the new deer stand to see if any deer would come out. It ended up there was eight of us in the new stand all looking for deer!
We only could sit still and keep quiet for a few minutes but two deer did come out despite the noise!
The deer were quite safe, though, as we didn’t even have a gun.