Tired of moaning about weather

I’m sure everyone is getting tired of me complaining about the weather (man, I’m getting tired of complaining about it myself!)
We have exceeded the total normal rainfall amount for the entire year now, with 572 mm (22.88 inches) to date.
We’ve had 286 mm (11.44 inches) so far this month, and had 191 mm (7.64 inches) last week alone.
So I think we all have the right to complain about this.
The last big flood here started on June 10, 2002–very similar in timing.
We have done some tissue sampling on some of our plants and they will be sent off to the lab to determine what nutrients are left. With this much rain and flooding, we will have had nutrient leaching.
Fertilizer is very costly so re-applying is not likely an option. But we are hoping we will have some information we can share with everyone.
The crops are at a very sensitive stage to have this much water standing. I guess those with unseeded acres are the only ones that won’t be worrying about their crop dying.
We had plans to start harvesting the first cut of our forages this week, but I doubt we’ll be able to tackle this job. We have yet to be able to cut the entire lawn here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station this year.
So it looks like it will be another week of cleaning and organizing here at EARS! Poor students–it is much more exciting when we are working outside!
• • •
I had to sort my steers out last week and bring them back in the yard for company for my yearling bull. Thankfully, the cattle all followed me home nicely and there was no chasing or stress.
My complaint was the fact I went over my rubbers about 10 times and there was nothing I could do about it! The water and mud is just so deep and I had to get through it.
Even where there is no mud, it is like walking on a sponge. Just think about the cattle walking all over this–hoof prints everywhere!
• • •
I had a very quiet weekend for the first time in a long time. Everyone was away so it was just “Roxee” and me for the weekend.
We did some fencing on Saturday before it started raining and then ended up working in the office. There is always bookwork to do and with this weather, it is much easier to do it than when the sun is shining!
I am a list maker–and I love the feeling of crossing things off it! Unfortunately, I didn’t cross it all off but it was a great start.
• • •
I have another school visit planned for this week. And, of course, the grass needs attention again but it will be a few days before I can tackle that.
We will wait and see how much it dries up (it isn’t very much fun when it’s this wet and the animals are not that happy, either).
Not sure if I even could take the students on a wagon ride around field. And you certainly need rubbers to walk on our trail!
• • •
I am participating in the annual “Relay For Life” in Fort Frances this Friday night as a part of the “Foundation Fighters” team.
As well, I will be selling “Canada Cash” tickets at the farmers’ market on Saturday and also will bring along trees if you are looking for a few.
It sounds like Maddie and Marlee will come home with me that day, too, so my quiet weekend will turn into a busy, fun-filled one this week!