Time to vaccinate

I am sure we all felt the same about the snow that arrived Thursday and Friday last week.
I came to work on Friday am to find a huge drift along the south side of the building. This is the entrance, of course. If it
wasn’t for the fact we had a grazing seminar with Steve Kenyon on Friday, I think I would have turned around and went back home.
Funny thing was, I had been walking past the shovel thinking I should put that away but also thought that would probably jinx me.
No complaints on the sunshine for the weekend though but it certainly made things sloppy.
I just keep telling myself things must get worse before it gets better!
• • •
I was tied up at EARS on Friday with the grazing workshop, so my parents filled in for me at Rainy River Meats at the BBQ celebrating Spring Fever Days! Friday’s weather wasn’t so great, but the BBQ went on and everyone was pleased with the day.
On Saturday, I was able to give them a hand. The sun was shining which made the snow melt off the roof, right on the table where we were serving. I think Steve may have set the table up like that on purpose because of the fact I missed working on Friday.
Either way, the BBQ was great, and we were very happy with all those that came and enjoyed out it.
The store was busy, and we would like to thank everyone for the support.
A big thank you to the staff at Rainy River Meats for going out of their way to have things in tip-top shape to celebrate!
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• • •
Sunday Funday! The sun was shining, and it was time to vaccinate the cattle.
I was partially dreading it, but I think more because of the fact I had those 2 anaphylactic shocks last year.
We decided that we should tackle it because the snow made the yard sloppy, but it isn’t knee deep yet.
We had some prep work to do to make sure the ice was out of the chute, you could open all gates (some are still frozen) and that the headgate would open/close, etc. It did take a few goes to get all the cows and calves in the corral.
The calves thought it was a great game that we were out there running with them. We ran all the cows through first and then the calves.
We held them back a little longer to be sure there were no reactions.
I think we were all nervous. All seemed find so they were able to get back to their moms.
Then the yearlings were brought in and vaccinated. They are a bit quicker than our cows, so it is nice doing them.
Now in three weeks, the calves and the yearlings will be boostered and they will be all ready for the green grass. I ended up feeling very relieved that the job was off the list.
Next up; lambs.
We did move a few ewes over to the barn. There are a few that are looking very heavy! We most likely will have lambs for Easter.
• • •
Wishing everyone a very happy Easter weekend! Just a reminder that we have a Work-Bee scheduled at the Stratton Sales Barn for Monday, April 22
beginning at 9 a.m. Murray has a detailed list on what we are doing so we hope you will come and bring a friend! Lunch will be provided.