Time to hay

It looks like the weather is shaping up to be a great week!
I am hoping to tackle some of my haying. I am nervous about some of our fields—there doesn’t appear to be a lot of hay.
I tend to worry about that sort of thing but I am trying to remember that there isn’t much you can do about it!
You can always hope that we will have the right growing conditions and we might get a decent second cut.
We should be able to finish haying at EARS this week.
We ended up getting held up with the rain last week. We received 2.2 inches of rain last week at EARS. Luckily, we didn’t receive near as much as our neighbours around us.
Our job list is large right now and if the weather is good for the week we will have a busy week.
We have a scheduled tour later in the week so we will be busy trying to get things spruced up. Of course, two of the pieces of equipment we need are in for repairs right now!
• • •
With that amount of rain last week, we did get a chance to check out our drainage and it is looking like we still have an issue somewhere about mid-station. The tricky part is figuring out where we will need to start digging!
I think there is a drainage contractor scheduled to be in our district sometime this year so I am hoping we could have them take a look at our station. (Tile drainage—we have weeping tile running underground; spaced 40 feet apart to drain the moisture.)
• • •
It was a bit disappointing to see the lack of turnout at the Rainy River Regional Abattoir Annual meeting last week, especially when we need to get our heads together to keep our abattoir successfully running.
A big thank you to the board and Marg for working hard and looking at many options at this point.
Thanks to Ken Fisher, James Gibson, and Joe Sletmoen for joining the board.
They are looking for one other board member so if you could spare a bit of time they would certainly be happy to hear from you!
• • •
Roxee was spayed last week so no puppies for my boyfriend/partner.
She had laser surgery and the recovery time is supposed to be much quicker.
She was quite whiny for the first couple of days but seems to be back to normal.
The instructions are too keep them quiet for three-five days (10-14 is golden) but that is not an easy job when you have a dog that is used to roaming around her big country yard! She is half-finished her obedience class now!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I spent Saturday on the road! We took off up through Kenora and delivered some fur to the taxidermist in Niverville.
After a quick stroll through the Super Store in Steinbach, we dropped in on my vet cousin and her family in Giroux.
We didn’t tell them we were coming, so we just were texting and then we knocked on their door!
We left there and stopped in Buffalo Point at my boyfriend/partner’s cousins for a nice visit and wonderful supper.
They have a beautiful place on the Big Travers on Lake of the Woods, so really we just spent the day driving around that huge body of water.
• • •
Sunday, I needed to stay home and do some farm work—the girls came and spent the day with me and we spent a fair amount of time looking for a few cows that have sore feet and are seeking rest in the shade of the bush.
Funny that so far it is the same cows that were sore last fall.
The deerflies and bulldogs were chewing us up badly!
We found a great wild strawberry patch and then headed back to the yard where there were a few less bugs!

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