Time ticking down

Monday was my first official day off–well, kind off. I had two meetings and was hoping to do some shopping.
I have next-to-no gifts purchased yet so my list is a mile long.
If you see me in town shopping, and I am not very friendly, don’t be offended as this is me just trying to take care of business. I am not a shopper so I find it painful.
On the bright side, I finally feel as though my outdoor light display is complete. I tackled my inside decorations upstairs but still have to prepare the basement (it doesn’t take as long it seems).
I have no Christmas tree yet but my boyfriend/partner has me convinced I should just go and buy one this year since the trees are so heavy in snow that they are hard to see (plus I will have all that snow melting in my house).
I have mixed feelings on this–picking out the perfect tree is something I do all year long! Alas, time is ticking and I don’t think I will be able to get to the spot I wanted to investigate before Christmas.
• • •
My poor heifer ended up dying last week after she pretty much stopped eating. We tried a couple of options in hopes she would rally again but that didn’t happen.
Though it isn’t fun when they are dead, I really don’t like to see them suffer, either.
My vet cousin took a look and confirmed that she had taken a nasty fall, and likely was in a fair bit of pain.
• • •
I attended the Dryden Soil & Crop meeting last week.
It’s always great to get out and hear what other districts are working on. As well, they are keen to hear what we are working on.
There wasn’t a huge crowd at the meeting but it was encouraging to see some young producers attend and let their names stand to sit on the board!
The Rainy River Soil & Crop meeting also was a success! They had some young producers out and interested, as well.
• • •
Our annual “Farmer Seafood Night” was held over the weekend. As always, the food was outstanding and the company was great.
Rodger and Susan have been hosting this for a number of years now.
The only thing that has changed is the fact it seems we just can’t stay up as late any more.
• • •
I have found a really great spot once again for feeding cows. Every year, I look for a spot that will keep them out of the wind but yet I can drive to and spread the hay out.
This year, I am on the edge of the rock that is in the middle of the pasture. They have quite a distance to walk but they all seem happy.
I am looking forward to seeing them a bit more in daylight hours.
I look even more forward to next summer, when you can see the difference it makes in pasture where you feed and spread the seed and manure around.
• • •
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to all of you who tell me how much you enjoy reading my little column. I wouldn’t do it but when I hear all the pleasure it brings people, it makes it all worthwhile!
I hope everyone gets to enjoy some great food, family, and friends over the holidays. That is the best part of it all–laughing and sharing stories!