Time for the sun to shine

Yes, we needed the rain—but now the rain needs to leave and the sun needs to shine! The weeds are advancing quickly and it is killing me that I’m not able to get out and spray.
Meanwhile, the cereal trials at the Emo Agricultural Research Station are in need of trimming but we are not able to get out there with any type of equipment.
A fellow farmer told me that June isn’t supposed to feature good weather at all–I sure hope that was an incorrect prediction.
Of course, this damp weather of late also made the grass grow but it is difficult to get caught up when it continues to rain.
Since the weather didn’t look good, and my lawn was longer than my cows’ pasture, I cut it even though it was very wet.
Driving home to a messy yard is like coming home to messy house–it just makes me crabby.

One of the triplet lambs wasn’t getting enough to eat so I started to bottle-feed him. And he now thinks he should just be with me 24/7.
He follows me around the yard and isn’t scared of anything. He rides in the truck like a dog and actually made “Roxee” ride in the back seat (she wasn’t so impressed).
I was asked to talk about “farming” at a school the other day and I decided to take him along. Needless to say, he was a hit.
He even made the trip out to the Emo Health Centre to visit Grandma Zimmerman (she enjoyed his visit, as well).
I’ve tried to leave him with the rest of the ewes and lambs, but he finds a way to make it up to the house–especially at bottle times. I’m just hoping as he grows, he will feel the need to live with rest and stay off the deck!
The sheep all were sheared last Monday and they now are out on pasture! I’m not sure who was happier–me or them.
If anyone is interested in wool, please let me know. We have it and there is little market for it, so we would be happy to find a home for it.

If you have planted soybeans and are interested in entering the soybean challenge this year, be sure to let me know.
The deadline to enter is June 15th and the cost is only $25.

The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association is hosting the executive of Ontario Soil & Crop on July 19 here in Rainy River District.
The local association has a very limited time to spend with them so it is jam-packing a day showcasing our area.
A barbecue also is planned for that evening at EARS so mark it down and come out and visit with the group of people.
In related news, we have decided to plan our soil and crop tour, as well as the annual open house at EARS, for Thursday, July 28.

A reminder the Emo & District Lions Club is hosting a “Farmers’ Fling”–featuring live music by “The Fugitives” out of Winnipeg–this Saturday (June 11) at the Barwick Hall.
A social hour starts at 5 p.m., followed by supper at 6 p.m.
The evening also will include pig roast, pie and cheesecake silent auction, photo booth with the new Lions’ “Outhouse,” and a penny table.
Tickets cost $25/person, which are available from any club member or by calling 276-1946.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated as bursaries for high school students continuing their education in agriculture.