This weather is the pits

Today is my 50th birthday! I can honestly say that I can’t believe I am 50.
I am so thankful for all that I have learned over these last 50 years, but I still think I am 25, maybe 30!
I blame that on hanging around with my summer students all summer long. I am sure that keep me young or maybe keeps me thinking I am young!
I took the day off work today, mainly because it is a P.D. day and the girls could help me sort the lambs that are heading to the abattoir.
I wasn’t planning on another inch of rain last night; little sleep because we have my mom and dads’ dog here and she fears storms and my phone starting to ring around 6 a.m.
My list of things to have finished before Oct. 1 is long and critical.
• • •
Last week was quite a whirlwind with the sales barn having the fire, hosting the cattle sale and my dad falling and breaking his hip Saturday night.
I may need to take tomorrow off just to chill out.
I certainly won’t be combining or hauling any manure.
Despite the barn loss, we still went ahead with our cattle sale though we just had calves and yearlings.
This Saturday, we plan to run a cull cow and bull sale, but you need to book you cows and bulls ASAP with James so that we can ensure to our buyers that we have enough to run a sale and they can warrant attending.
Please call James ASAP 807-271-2005.
We sold 1,268 head for $1,437,175.35.
I think that lighter weight cattle sold a bit softer and heavier weights were strong especially before the lunch break.
There is a large packing plant near Toronto closed and this is backing up the slaughter and people are having a tough time emptying their lots to take in more of these feeder cattle.
Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed with my cattle prices. Not much you can do–it is an auction and it’s meant for price discovery.
I tell you that sometimes I wonder what I am doing.
We all work hard, and we are price takes in this case not price setters.
I love what I do but I sometimes I just question what I am doing.
As we go our and slop through the mud to sort out a bunch of lambs, I will really be questioning what I am doing!
This weather is the pits and is certainly hard on all of us.
• • •
My dad was helping put the ice in at the Emo arena–certainly a passion of his.
He was wearing his cleats but hit a bump and landed and broke his hip.
He was flown to Thunder Bay on Saturday night.
Once the sale was over, it was too late to make the drive, so I took my mom on Sunday.
My brother was in Dryden with hockey so he met us in Thunder Bay.
My brother is busy at work and I with freshly-weaned calves and other chores had to get home.
We were hoping he’d have his surgery before we left but we were about half way home before he was called in.
Things went well so now we are hoping for a good recovery. My dad is a skinny minny but he sure is tough!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture are hosting an all-candidates meeting this Thursday (Oct. 3) at the Stratton Millennium Hall at 7 p.m.
Hope everyone can make it out!