Things a bit slow at EARS

Well, if the weather channels are correct, we are in for the wetter, cooler weather that I was dreading.
I realize a rain shower wouldn’t hurt anything and, in fact, improve the situation with our fire ban. But we don’t need inches and inches of the wet stuff.
Likely some of the early-seeded crops could use a sprinkle of rain, but it would be nice if they didn’t get drowned out or froze off!
We certainly hope the rain will reach those horrible forest fires that others are battling.

We have been busy at EARS but things are moving a bit slow. We have more land worked up to deal with and once again we are waiting on seed to arrive.
Not much I can do about that–except wait. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could run over to Guelph, Kemptville, or Ridgetown at lunch time and pick up seed, but that really isn’t an option for us.
We have a good start on our cereals, and then switched the drill over to small seeds and worked on some canola and alfalfa.
We wouldn’t start on soybeans or dry beans until after this week anyway, so that isn’t so much of a problem.
As I see the bulk bags of seed driving past EARS, I keep thinking those guys will be done acres and acres and we still are fussing around with our small plots.
We also have the tile runs to deal with (we are trying to ignore them until we have our plots all in but we’ve been over a few of them).
They are rough and we’re trying to level them out before we re-plant our lawn seed.
The first time we try to cut the grass is going to be a bit of a challenge!

I was lucky enough to spend Saturday with 36 future 4-H’ers at “Discovery Day” in Emo. We even had a carload of kids attend from Dryden!
Spending the day doing fun 4-H activities and learning is really good for soul. It reminds you of how great it is to be young and how simple things are such a pleasure at those ages.
I look forward to seeing them in our program in the future!
Thanks to the Beef Farmers of Ontario for sponsoring “Discovery Days” across our province!

Even though I should have spent Sunday at EARS, I instead chose to stay home at do some work (after all, we are preparing for a big farm birthday party once again!)
I tackled my grass and some yard work. I’m not sure if I ever will get everything completed that I would like but I guess that’s life.
Besides some farm-type birthday games, Marlee have asked that Clayton builds her a zip-line for her party! So, naturally, he goes out of his way to do whatever the girls ask for and it looks like Marlee’s wishes will come true (really the girls are not spoiled . . . wink, wink).

We laid Nanny to rest on Monday. Although life does go on, things are sure not the same.
I supposed the first year is the most difficult. She reminded of us as so much throughout the year. For instance, she would have been telling us, “Get ready for the humming birds. You should have your feeders out for Mother’s Day!”
I filled mine on Mother’s Day but now I don’t have her to tell when I see my first one at the feeder.