There’s never a happy medium

It seems as though our warm, wet days may be behind us! It was a frosty day on Monday but at least with this we see the sun!
During the milder weather, the cattle tend to eat less, which is nice on your hay pile. But things will change now.
And with the return to colder temperatures, it makes us all wish for a bit more snow to ensure we don’t end up with frozen water pipes, septic systems, etc.
So once again, when it comes to weather, there never seems to be a happy medium.
It certainly was great for people travelling around for Christmas. There may have been a few icy spots on some of our back roads, but your vehicle wouldn’t have been frozen stiff as you visited around with family and friends.
• • •
We had a bit smaller Christmas this year with family travelling and some attending other functions, but all in all it was nice. I particularly enjoyed a visit on Christmas Eve with a very neat, interesting, sharp lady!
Mrs. Heyens, who is a mother of 16, shared with me stories of most of her children and her tales of moving to this country, as well as the trials and tribulations of trying to milk cows, raise a family, and keep everyone happy!
They did not speak English until their first born (Louise) attended school and they all learned the language together.
Her sense of humour was tremendous and not only left me chuckling but kept us intrigued for more stories! Her memories should be in a book; her wit and wisdom would be a big seller.
She is a true gem and my memory isn’t as sharp as hers—and I am half her age!
• • •
As I woke up this morning and realized it was Monday, and time to get back on track, I panicked somewhat thinking about my list of jobs that I quickly forgot about as I went into Christmas mode.
Never mind that I haven’t sent any cards or wrote my Christmas letter yet.
As I look at my Day-Timer, it really reminds me that I best not do too much relaxing this week since next week is booked up with meetings, workshops, and appointments.
• • •
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
I’m hoping 2015 will bring us some weather unlike what we saw in 2014! We need more heat and less moisture.
Of course, we all are wishing for continued decent cattle prices and lower gas prices.
I wish for all my farmer friends that all their animals stay on their four legs, successful calving seasons, and fewer breakdowns. We never know what each year will bring but I hope even the challenges are manageable.
Have a safe week as we all celebrate the New Year in some way, and as you make your way back to home or school!