There’s always lots of chores around the farm

What a weekend! Sun, rain, and some crazy winds to dry things up again.
At my house, we had just over one inch of rain but I’ve heard some had as much as two inches. Normally that would keep me from cutting the lawn but with the strong winds and dry conditions, I was able to tackle that.
I also finished one deck but then ran out of stain so that chore stays on the list.
“Evan” the alpaca, meanwhile, recovered nicely from his castration and is back outside living his best life. They were both so happy to get back out of the barn that they ran and jumped most of the day Sunday.
My dad had a very successful week with manure hauling and we are seeing the end–provided we don’t go a stir up another pile (the rain put that job on hold for a couple of days).
I was really thinking about cutting hay on Saturday and then decided that my week was so jammed pack that it wasn’t a good idea. And with the rain we ended up getting, I’m happy I opted out.
We did take the time to weigh all the lambs and figure out how close they are to butcher. They top ones are just at 90 pounds. Since we like them to be at least 100 pounds, we will keep on feeding.
This weekend we will be bringing home all the cows and calves. The calves will be weighed and the cows will be preg-checked.
With a cattle sale set for Saturday, Sept. 29, we have to make some decisions before that date rolls around. I think I have seen two open animals (not calving) but we will get things confirmed by next weekend.
We had more bull calves than heifers last year so it won’t be as hard to make the decision on who is getting to stay.
• • •
I attended a great party on Saturday night to celebrate the Rebecca and Kelsey and Garnet and Michelle (Cornell) weddings. The band was excellent and really knew how to get everyone up and on the barn floor!
Wishing both couples all the best.
• • •
I really hope everyone has been packing up all their hazardous waste.
That’s because Chapple is hosting a hazardous waste pick-up this Saturday (Sept. 22) from 10 a.m. -2 p.m.
This is such a great idea! I’m certainly looking forward to getting rid of some things that I have been stockpiling!
• • •
The last of the winter wheat seed finally arrived Friday at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. I quickly weighed it out and had it all ready for planting.
I didn’t have any help last week so I debated on targeting one of my family members or friends but thought “well, the weather has been good, I will just wait until next week when my help starts.”
Bad idea because this rain likely will keep us from planting for a few days. Unfortunately, the sooner you get it in the ground, the better.
I had a quiet week without my students and though I accomplished a fair bit, it is nothing like when you have more than yourself around! I always appreciate my students but I really do when they are gone!
If the weather permits, we will be combining soybeans this week and I’m looking forward to it.
I’m also excited that my boss is coming for the week. She has never been here before so it will be a great week for her to check out this great district!
• • •
We are heading to the Rainy River Walleye Tournament for our next weekly “Catch the Ace” draw.
We will do the draw on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. under the big tent, with the progressive pot to be roughly $4,700!
See you in Rainy River!