The kids are alright

Some of you may recall my mom and Marlee venturing out and bringing home a Billy goat last fall.

We were, well I was hoping that only one of our three goats were bred but of course, all three caught.

Harlee, our larger goat (Nubian) had two cute little kids and Scarlett are Nigerian Dwarf goat had triplets! Winnie is next. The goat herd expanded quickly. Our ewes stalled; we still have four left. But, as we’re talking about these goats kidding, we also remembered that the Billy and the Ram ended up in a nasty battle and this could be why our ewes are a little behind the others. These kids are adorable and absolutely seem to love sharing their babies with us all. I must admit that goats have a bad name but if you were considering getting a pet for your kids, they would be better than sheep. With sheep you need to consider that they need to be sheared every year. I will admit you need to have a good fence to keep your goats in, but they are really people friendly and enjoy your company more that the sheep. I wouldn’t recommend getting a Billy but a female or castrated male. We think it is likely the first time this farm has ever had goats born on it. It was then suggested maybe we should breed our alpaca, but I think we should just settle on the two we have. I wish we weren’t in lockdown because I would really like to share all the cuteness. We spent all our evenings last week with the sheep. They are messy in the barn but after I got all the tails docked and the males castrated, we moved the ones that lambed outside to our shed. They are safe there, but easier to look after.

It isn’t easy pushing the wheelbarrow these days with the wet weather we have had so the less wheelbarrow work the better. The cows are at least still in a decent spot that is keeping them dry.

I ended up with a flat tire again so on Sunday I had to feed everything up and keep putting air in the tire. Cows and calves are packing back the hay right now, so we are all looking forward to sunshine and warmth to get the grass growing.

The Rainy River Stewardship Council will be holding their annual spring tree sale once again in conjunction with Lowey’s Greenhouse. You can purchase with White Spruce or Red Pine by visiting

This is cattle sale week! Unfortunately, we will not be allowing spectators at our sale, but you can view by joining in on the DLMS network. We look forward to everyone getting vaccinated and having you back at our Sales Barn again. James has a big sale lined up with over 1200 head. If you have cattle or would like to work, please reach out to James asap.

Stay safe everyone!