The highs and lows of calving

I’m hoping everyone enjoyed their Family Day weekend! It was a little on the cool side but the sun certainly shone brightly.
I was lucky to have Maddie spend most of the weekend with me. We were fairly busy with calves and she really wanted to try and get up through the night with me to test it out but I didn’t wake her.
She made it to the 10 p.m. check, then I let her sleep until the next morning.
She was able to experience a heifer with a backwards calf that had to be pulled (both heifer and calf are fine). Then we had our second set of twins but unfortunately, the second twin was backwards and though I did pull it, it already was dead.
We were sad but at least one is alive. The cow also is still sad because she knows darn well she had a second one.
My biggest hold-up on getting calves outside right now is tags. I ordered my tags on Jan. 6 but they lost my order. I was crossing my fingers that they would be here yesterday or no later than today as we have quite a backlog.
I’m also looking forward to some warmer nights. We did have a couple but the last few haven’t been too warm at all!
• • •
I was able to take a bit of time over the weekend to attend the 90th birthday party for my friend, June Keddie. I was lucky enough to meet June on the Riverside Foundation board.
She is a dear person and her sense of humour is one of a kind. I feel so lucky to have met her and her husband, Jimmy. Her stories are endless and at 90 years old, she still is active with all the auxiliaries and the Foundation.
Her party was large as she has had an impact of many people in our community and beyond!
Happy birthday, June. I am so happy to call you my friend!
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association has elected Murray McDonald as chair and Louis Bujold as vice-chair.
The Sales Barn Committee will be meeting next month to go over sales barn rules, fees, etc. for 2019. We have one concern that impacts our sales barn a lot–the Beef Farmers of Ontario board is proposing a $1.50 check-off increase.
The decision is to be made this week at the BFO’s annual general meeting in Toronto. We have three reps from Rainy River District attending this meeting, as well.
• • •
We are looking to hire someone at Rainy River Meats.
If you are interested at all, contact Becky or Dave at Rainy River Meats or send a résumé/letter of interest to