The first baby is here, more to come!

Well, I have started calving! My first one arrived last Thursday and now we will see a lot more action this week. I was hoping the -40 weather would be behind us, but it looks like a cold end of the week as well. If it isn’t cold, then it is snowing! I am pretty much done with winter. Every year when I calve, I wonder what the heck I am doing! I get myself so stressed out – worried about cows calving outside, worried about cows getting on their back…. Which leads me to my last nights story! My schedule when it is really cold to check cows every two or 2.5 hours; if it is just normal winter cold, I go every three hours. I always find myself out there around 10 p.m. I always head straight outside to check the cows there first. Those are the ones that would be freezing if they popped one out. I went and did my check there and all was calm. So, I headed into the barn and watered cows and cleaned up pens for the night. I have been making one more outside loop before returning to the house. As I was shutting the door, I thought I heard a funny noise. I walked towards the gate and all I could see was come legs of a cow flailing. I opened the gate and called Clayton because I was not certain the tractor would start. (From this moment forward it will be plugged in full-time.) I got out there and used the tractor to push her back up on her legs. She jumped right up. That cow would have been dead before I got into bed otherwise. I don’t know how a person doesn’t worry and the truth is you just cannot be there all the time. I know I am lucky that I saved her, but the problem is you can’t help but think about next time and not being so lucky. I know once I get a few more calves under my belt I will get my confidence back – or it could be that I get so darn tired that I forget about the worry part.

The new board of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s will meet this week and elect their executive. We are thankful that Louis can stay on the board as past president to see the end of the project through. The March 31 deadline is quickly approaching.

Next week I have a jammed pack week of meetings. They are on-line but still a lot can happen when you are sitting staring at your computer. I am hoping that my mom can be a spotter for me. I could at least participate until otherwise needed. I am thankful that through Covid we discovered that we could participate virtually!

If you are a canola grower and would like to continue to learn more about growing there is currently a canola growing series of virtual meetings taking place each Wednesday at lunch time for the next three weeks. If you’d like the info, please reach out to me.