The end of a year like no other

The last Monday of 2020 has arrived. What a year! I think we can all agree on that. I hope that everyone had a nice, quiet Christmas. Our Christmas was quiet and calm, but I still feel sad that my dad missed it all. My dad loved giving, but he also loved receiving. By now he would have had his aftershave all line up and would have been telling us how long that would last. He would have been excited to see how pleased the girls were with their gifts and might have been planning a little fishing trip if the weather was warm enough. He would have been suggesting what we should eat on New Years but disappointed that we can’t get Mom’s favorite stuffed shrimp from across the river. Everyone tells me the “firsts” are the hardest, but I can’t imagine not ever wanting my dad with me, first or not.

Spending time at home isn’t a bad thing. We have many great walking, snow machine trails. My boyfriend/partner has rigged up a groomer, so they are in pretty good shape. We have our cow trails to walk on that are usually very beautiful as they take you through some pretty places in the bush. I am excited that I can still feed the cows away from the yard since the snow depth is still suitable for hauling hay to them. I only have been feeding twice a week but today everyone needs hay so it will be a busy day of feeding.

I am disheartened to hear of COVID in our District. I was really hoping we could stay safe through this all. We are struggling with the thoughts of keeping the Abattoir open. We want our staff to stay safe. The importance of local food and options for purchasing food is high. We will be discussing this issue this week and we will be certain to let everyone know what we decide.

As you make your New Years plans, remember to keep in simple. They are asking us to stay in our own homes. We can do this. We may not like it, but we can refrain for the safety of ourselves and others. Lets all hope by next year at this time we will be able to get together and by following the rules now I think we will appreciate next year a lot more. Happy New Year Friends. Stay safe!

Watch for updates on the RRCA Annual Meeting. I will be providing everyone with a Zoom Link as we are still hoping to have as many members as possible to join in as we have some big decisions to make! You will be able to join in over the computer or by phone!