The 4-H Beef Clubs are gearing up for a busy season ahead

The 4-H Beef Leaders have met and are aiming to be organized to start with our Beef Clubs within the next month. It is always exciting to see some young new members but also a proud feeling when members return to the program each year. We need leaders for the west-end of the district. The United Beef Club will be much too large, so we are going to have to split the club. When I was in 4-H there was always a “Rainy River” club, and it looks like the time has come again for that to happen. The estimate is around 31 steers, and 16 heifers so sounds like a great show in store. Reminder – the Emo Fall Fair is always the third Saturday of August – so the 4-H show will be held on August 20.

I was in Guelph last week and they had little to now snow but it sure wasn’t warm there. When I was leaving, they were calling for some wintery weather, so it is a later for spring for them as well. We are in real early stages of how to re-build our herds after last years drought. How can we develop a program that will work for producers? Likely this week I will be sending you a survey that I really want/need you to answer. This information will be key in potentially building a program. Please respond to the survey and please add some additional comments. I don’t think others are still completely aware of how severe it was for us. I have been sharing that there are producers that have spent $100,000 in feed just to keep a decent sized herd. The funding that was provided was extremely nice, but it did not cover costs. Now with the inflated grain, fertilizer, fuel (and much more) prices it is difficult to think of herd rebuild with such high cost of production. So, please respond to the survey and be honest and frank. If you need help sending it in, please reach out to me.

We had a great turn-out at the Sales Barn this past Saturday and so much was accomplished! We are booking another work-bee for this Saturday April 9 at 9:00 a.m. You won’t even recognize the old pole barn. It is opened right up and will certainly make for a great sort yard for our staff. The old lunchroom is now sporting our new handling facilities. This project is something we can really be proud of for a very long time! We are excited that we have three great cooks from the Stratton area that will be running our canteen for the 2022 season. It will be worth the drive to come for lunch and check out our facilities. The first cattle sale is April 23 and the canteen will be open for everyone from April 21, 22 and 23. It is great that now while hauling cattle you will be able to stop in for a hot lunch and drink! If you have cattle to sell, please reach out to James Gibson at 807-271-2005.