Thanksgiving weekend a great time

A couple of my friends purchased a cabin on Off Lake and we went up to celebrate my birthday on Friday night!
They have wanted a place for many years and they certainly made a great choice!
We had a great time but because of the busy Thanksgiving weekend ahead, we didn’t want to stay up too late!

I picked up the girls Saturday around lunch time and we were off to spend the weekend in the country! We had made plans that if the weather was nice, we would craft; otherwise we were doing outside stuff!
We made the girls wear warm clothes and as were walking into Walmart to get a few things, Marlee muttered, “Everyone is going to think we are from the North Pole we have so many clothes on!”
On Sunday, we caught a couple of lambs to take over to our friends to get bred, then we quickly changed our clothes and heading down to Morson to see how Damien did in the fishing tournament!
We drove around the mine area and tried to point out a few things to the girls. Since one of their friends works there (Maria), they are quite interested in what it is all about.
Damien and Ryan placed 19th in the tournament and had great time fishing.
We saw a bobcat on the way back home, and they both thought that was the first time they had seen a bobcat that wasn’t “skinned” (they are more familiar with checking traps).
Then on holiday Monday, after doing a few small tasks in the yard, the girls wanted to go exploring in the bush with the four-wheelers.
We weren’t too far into our exploring when we came onto a porcupine–they were shocked how big he was and were so worried that “Roxee” would jump off the bike and tackle him (luckily that didn’t happen!)
Once we finished four-wheeling, the girls heading into the lamb pen to tackle six lambs that were booked into the abattoir for Tuesday.
Both love the challenge of catching and haltering a lamb. They like to get timed to see how long it takes, but it is a bit of a rodeo so we didn’t bother this time around.
I am so glad that they are so accepting of the fact the lambs have to go to market with little or no drama about it.
So I likely didn’t accomplish as much this weekend as I should have, but we had a good time with the girls playing, crafting, exploring, and farming. I realize the day will come that it won’t be so “cool” to hang around with Auntie Kimmie all weekend.

We hopefully will complete our soybean and dry bean harvest this week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
I almost can give myself a panic attack when I think about how much work we still have to do. And I’m sure everyone is wondering why I haven’t started to plow yet!
The issue is the tile. They think we might have a compaction issue and we may be looking at some other type of action to try and loosen up the soil (it seems as though the water is unable to reach the tile).
I dread this–the thought of working up the entire area and trying to get things all laid out again almost makes me tired!