Thanks to all 4-H members and supporters at the fair

Well, another Emo Fair is behind us! It was a great weekend. We did get some rain but fortunately it wasn’t long lived, and the show continued. I have heard reports of record attendance! The cattle show was excellent!!! I am very proud of all our participants in particular our 4-H members. We have a great group of kids, and they work very hard to get their animals fed and trained for our fair. Back-to-back wins for Danielle Schram and her market steer. A huge accomplishment. Aaron Bujold was our Reserve Champion, and this is his last year as a 4-H member so it’s a great way to end his career as a 4-H member. Aaron was also our Grand Champion Showman followed by Sydney Romyn and Bradley Teeple. Showmanship is when you – the showman – is judged and it’s a great honour to be recognized. Grand Champion 4-H heifer went to Aaron Bujold followed by Rustin Chartier. This was Rustin’s first 4-H year and we are looking forward to having this family back in 4-H. Thank you to all the businesses who purchased a steer we really appreciate the support! New Gold and Teeples Plumbing & Heating both purchased a steer with the intent of donating the meat to our food banks! How incredible.

Guess the weight! I was able to get that a bit organized. A big THANK YOU to Ryker Chartier for letting us guess the weight of his 4-H steer Melvin! Sherry Hay was the lucky winner. Melvin weighed 584 lbs. Pretty good for an orphan calf. Thanks to all who guessed!

I certainly didn’t have the fair that I planned. Tuesday night I was planning to walk my head swinging heifer one more time. I was coming out of the barn and as per normal she started swinging her head. I quickly pulled her head up and some how she lost balance and landed on me. Just her front end though. I was laying on the ground hollering for help and Lexi came running over to lick my face. My heifer was standing there chewing her cud. She really isn’t mean – just snotty. Anyway, my boyfriend/partner heard me and came to help. He called my mom because I knew my arm was broken. I thought I had broken my leg as well, but by the time they got me in the truck I could put weight on my leg. I couldn’t wait to get to the hospital, I was hurting so badly. I broke my wrist, and I did a good job of it. I’m heading to the fracture clinic in Thunder Bay this week. I just must remind myself – it could have been worse! But let me tell you, this one-handed deal isn’t much fun. Timing isn’t great, but not much we can do about that. So that heifer stayed home, and we ended up leaving my cow at home as well. My vet cousin thinks she had an abscess break in her throat area and she is breathing rather noisily. We did take her calf to the fair and even without her mom, she seemed to enjoy the fair! So, my 2022 Fair really didn’t go as I had planned.

We still have hay to make, and I will do the best I can. I don’t think I am overly popular with anyone right now. It might be slow going, but we will get through it. I will likely have more Fair updates next week but this one handed typing is quite painful.