Thankful for plenty

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and really did take the time to think of all that we have to be thankful for!
I am thankful for my family (most of them), friends, and the good food we had over the weekend, but I’m also thankful for this great community we live in!
I am fortunate to not only work in agriculture, but also have a farm to go home to every night. I am pleased I can market my cattle right here in the district–by making use of the Stratton sales barn and the Rainy River Regional Abattoir—and my neighbours who have purchased cattle from me.
I am pleased that the food I can provide to my family and other locals is safe and won’t be put on a recall list. And I’m pleased to have been lucky enough to work with many people, groups, and organizations, both agriculture- and non-agriculture related.
I hope everyone has a list of things they can be thankful for and take some time to think about it!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner was called out to work in Kenora so our Thanksgiving weekend of beaver trapping was called off!
I shouldn’t admit it but I was thankful for that, as well. I don’t seem to get to spend enough time at home and I was feeling it in many ways.
So, for the first time since spring, I was home for three days in a row! Despite not feeling 100 percent, I accomplished some jobs that hadn’t been tackled in a while.
The corral actually was getting sticky so I had to move my calves out. And because of the weather, I didn’t get them vaccinated or de-wormed, but I’m sure that we will see the sun again!
So now after spending the three days at home, crossing a few things off the list, and playing with Maddie and Marlee, we seriously will have to tackle some beaver!
• • •
Just as we all thought, our good weather seems to have come to an end!
It certainly comes and goes quickly–we went from 28 C and sunny to snowflakes in just a few short days.
And even though we’re not excited about seeing the white stuff, it sounded like we lucked out since our surrounding neighbours had it much worse!