Thankful for “million dollar” rain

I am hoping that everyone received some of that “million dollar” rain we received over the weekend. It sounds like it varied in amounts once again. I received about 15 mm but my friend in Pinewood received 40 mm. I was pleasantly surprised that it came down slow and steady as I was predicting flash floods because of the heat and humidity we had last week. Either way, we needed it, and I am hoping we can move back into haying weather. The only thing I am hoping the rain didn’t help is the bug crop as it sure seems like they are giving the cattle a tough time. The animals really enjoyed these weekends cooler temperatures and spent a bit more time grazing rather than huddled up. Many people are feeding mineral or salt that has garlic as an ingredient as it is supposed to help with fly control. It certainly can’t hurt and if it helps, it is a huge bonus for the poor animals.

I am very proud of myself that I used the rain day to clean my house! Every room and both upstairs and downstairs. I struggle being inside in the summer as it just doesn’t last long enough but with an all-day rain it was perfect timing. As always when cleaning I usually make a bigger mess and or break something. Well, I did both! A friend of mine gave me a nice set of long horns and I was dusting off everything. Not exactly sure what I did but they went flying and hit a Scentsy pot full of warm wax and sent it flying all over the place. So now I had to fix my long horns and clean up the wax that was all over the place. I have told many people before when I get into my cleaning mode, I might as well just keep the glue gun plugged in.

My mom and I attended the benefit dinner in honour of Wendy who is struggling with Scleroderma. It was a very well-attended night and hats off to those of you who took the time to host this event. We wish Wendy the best with her health journey.

Since we were not haying this weekend, we tackled a small deck project. We laid concrete blocks that look like barn board. It is a very nice product, and it looks marvellous. My helper was less than enthused so I am still working on levelling a few blocks.

It is a short work week for us this week as we have Friday off. For the first time in many years, I think most all our cereal grain will be headed up before July 1. I don’t know if this is a good sign or what to think. Often, I would have to run in on a long weekend to check for heading dates but this year that should not be the case. The weeds are having a good year as well and it seems they are hard to keep caught up with. Sure, hoping that with a long weekend ahead the weather cooperates, and we can make some good, dry hay! Happy Canada Day! We are so fortunate to live in such a great country.