Taking the good with the bad

Well last week turned out to be a bit challenging. Woke up on Wednesday to a water issue. I was thinking it was likely a “frozen” issue because we had moved into the deep freeze. It was a bit more than that. I left my boyfriend/partner in charge and I completed my chores and headed up for my morning walk to check cows. I followed a trail through the bush and as soon I was in clear vision, I spotted a dead cow. The worst feeling ever. I had decided earlier I was going to move them home that day as the cold weather made me nervous. It was a young cow, only three. She had got over to far on her back (cast) and wasn’t able to get up. I normally worry less about this when it is cold as I don’t think they stretch out and relax so much but guess that wasn’t the case. I moved the rest of the cows home that day and they have settled into the calving yard. Don’t get me wrong, she could have done the exact same thing right here in the yard. Unless you catch them quickly, you are going to have a dead cow. It is not my favourite part of this job but just like everything else; you must take the good with the bad. As for the water, we are lucky that my Uncle lives close by. Lucky for us maybe not lucky for him. Anyway, he is great to come and help us with these problems. He was already here a couple weeks back with another water issue. Anyway, they got it all going again but the first warm day this spring when we don’t have a bunch of animals standing around waiting for a drink, we need to do some water renovations!

With the RRCA AGM behind us, the board met to elect the executive. Louis Bujold will continue as Chair and Jeff Pollard as Vice. The building committee will be getting tenders out over the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for this.

Marlee was out helping farm this weekend. We gave the cow herd a 2nd does of “Boss” hoping this would keep them from being so itchy. I think they have improved but it is recommended that a 2nd dose be applied. We were able to just walk around and apply. We didn’t have to run them all in so that was nice. We had a few that we had to get a pail of grain so they would stand still but most didn’t even pay attention to us. Cows are due in 11 days. I have a cow that is bagging up quite nicely so not sure she will wait that long or not. So, the crazy sleep patterns will be starting soon!

The last couple weeks have been busy with meetings so it was cutting into my cleaning times. I am hoping to finish the housework this week. I am moving into high rabbit hair areas. I can’t complain because Black Bettie is important part of my day. Roxee is hairy as well but doesn’t float around quite so much.

So, although our week started a bit rough it ended well! While my mom and I were watching on Facebook to see who the lucky winner was for the Riverside Foundation’s 50/50, Allison, the foundation director was calling my boyfriend/partner to let him know it was him! When he called to me tell me, my first thought was my dad! He would have been thrilled! The pot was $2 short of $26,000! I really encourage you to support this 50/50! This money stays right here to support OUR facilities and if nothing else Covid should remind us how important our health and health care facilities are! Join in – and grow this pot!