Tackling the to-do list

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as I did! 3 days at home in decent weather is quite amazing. I did have to spend most of one day catching up on the grass. It was long and thick you would have thought I hadn’t cut it yet this year. My mom likes to hint that my 4-legged friends would gladly help me with my lawn, but they would also help with plants, shrubs and trees as well. I am making the sheep and goats wait until after shearing before they get to grass. I did move all of them out to their winter area again. We had lambs and kids everywhere and there were all kinds of noises going on until the realized that they cannot mess with the fence. It looked very tempting to the young ones to get to the green grass and it only took an hour or so and a few shocks for them to realize that wasn’t an option at this point. The cows are getting anxious as well. I almost hate starting the side by side as they think that means they are heading to grass. Though the grass did grow this week, it needs a few more days yet. I have a small group of cows that will be staying close to the yard until I pull my bulls, so I have a bit more feeding time yet! My brother was out and did some fence checking and I have finished most of it. I have a few more wires to tighten up but things are looking ok. I like to get all the gates shut that way if the cattle were to get out, they should stay home at least and not be running through the neighbours yard. Maddie and Marlee were out to work with their 4-H heifers, and we chose Sunday to do that and the cool weather was a perfect day for that kind of work. They still have some work to do before they are show ready, but we put in a good day.

I don’t know how many of you enjoy a good list…. I love my list; thought I do have many. I was able to cross off many little jobs this weekend: trim the ram’s hooves, deworm the horse, finish planting flowers, whipper my yard and my moms, haul hay, fence, move sheep / goats, breed rabbits. I didn’t finish everything, but I was able to check a bunch of stuff off and that is such a good feeling.

Some of our dedicated Sales Barn volunteers were working over the long weekend getting the scale moved out of the barn. It is a big job! We are fortunate to have many talented people that are willing to give their time and advice. If you have time to spare and would be willing to volunteer, please get in touch with Louis Bujold. Covid restrictions still apply.

The Rainy River District Stewardship Committee has White Spruce and Red Pine tree seedlings for sale. You can get your trees through Lowey’s Greenhouse & Nursery in Fort Frances!