Surprise birthday bash unforgettable

The middle of September has arrived and if we are lucky, we might even get back in our fields by the end of the week.
The forecast has changed a million times, so I have decided to just not check it.
We sure need good weather and for so many reasons. This weekend I will be bringing all my cattle home, checking and weighing calves. It will be a challenge.
The wet grass makes it challenging for cattle to gain weight–the fact is there is just too much water in the material they are consuming.
So, no matter what you are farming right now, it is a difficult time.
If you were past the Research Station you likely noticed the Lake Emo appeared once again. That and a million geese.
Often, the geese stay in the combined areas or like to pick some of the green grass but with all the extra water they were right in some of the plots.
They are a messy, dirty bird and I will be happy to see them gone.
• • •
So, most of you likely know there was a surprise party for my 50th birthday on Saturday night in my field!
Yes, people have been wishing me “Happy Birthday” for a couple of weeks now so I was pretty sure there was something going on but I didn’t ask much–once, because I normally have enough going on that I don’t dig to deep; and two, I have been on the side of planning surprises and you work hard to pull things like this off so I just left it.
Also, I don’t get much chance to read–I have large piles of subscriptions piled up waiting for me to retire.
The last two weeks, I have been busy with cattle sale, so my mail was still piled on the end of the counter and the newspaper hadn’t even been touched.
Someone told me that it was added to the end of my “Moos,” but I didn’t add it, nor did I read the paper-yet!
So, it was kind of a surprise.
I did say when I turned 40 that I wanted to plan a 50th party in my field with the Nite Hawk Band.
I then changed my mind and said I would do that when I retired! We had a party in the field, with Nite Hawk on Saturday night but I won’t be 50 until the 30th!
Though it was a rubber boot party, it was so great.
Thank you so much to everyone that took the time out from a busy weekend with so much going on to come to the party!
My boyfriend/partner, who isn’t much of a partier, worked hard to pull this off.
Thank you to Mom and Dad who have (my entire life) tried to give Shane and I everything we wanted. (we’re spoiled a little.); Shane, Char, Maddie and Marlee–thank you for missing hockey and spending the weekend in the country and helping with everything; my Auntie Carol, Uncle Bob and cousin Stacey–you are nothing but amazing to me and do so darn much for me; my friends, Ted, Debbie, Sarah, Destiny, Matt, Maria, Jason, Chantelle, James, Jo and Donny–I am truly blessed to have so many great people in my life and you guys did so much work for me to party in my field with that awesome band!
And to everyone who sent gifts, cards, texts and messages–thank you for all the kind words and best wishes. I can honestly say that I feel so fortunate to have such a large group of friends–young, old and in-between.
I can’t imagine my life without any one of you!
Yes, I didn’t mention that this last weekend when we were celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday in walked my beautiful friend, Destiny, walked in all the way from Barrie, Ont. H
ow great it was that she was able to celebrate in my wet, muddy field with me!
Thank you, everyone. I won’t be forgetting this for a long time.