Sure would be nice to start baling hay

We certainly were fortunate to have a great long weekend here in the Rainy River District­­—and I was hoping it would continue on for the rest of the week.
I cut hay . . . now if I can only get it baled . . .
This is the first year in many years that I don’t have one bale made by this time of the year. I’m trying hard to not let it bother me but it sure does.
One of my girlfriends continually reminds me that I have no control over the weather and I realize that—but it doesn’t make me feel better.
I guess we have to remind ourselves that we always get the hay made but it sure would be nice if we could make it sooner rather than later.
Every day the quality of the hay drops as well.

Maddie and Marlee were lucky to be invited by Charlie and Levi to participate in the Barwick July 1st parade. They sure had a great time and congratulations to Barwick for hosting a wonderful day.
We then visited the festivities in Emo. They really had a nice party going on as well.
The girls decided they would rather go home and play with ducks and run through the sprinkler so we didn’t stay too long.
The Night Hawk band was planning when we left—and they’re just awesome!
While we were visiting in Emo, my mom noticed that she had lost her brand new Fitbit (her Mother’s Day gift!), so we decided to re-trace our steps.
Thankfully I mentioned it to a friend and she thought one had just been turned in.
I talked to the girl and guess what? We got her Fitbit back!
Thank you so much to the person that turned this in. This made me happy to live in such a great community once again!

After doing some yard work and cutting hay Saturday, I drove up to Mine Centre to visit with some of the Bliss relatives.
I was late and missed out on the fishing but it was still a great day to be at the lake.
We wish more of the Bliss Family could have made it but, with it being a long weekend, everyone had things to do and places to be.

Sunday was a hard working day! My Uncle Bob has been busy getting posts hauled and laid out for the new fence at Nanny’s. Sunday was the day we pushed them in.
Bob had many of his family show up to help and it made a hard job much easier. It was quite a stretch but they are in the ground.
They pushed in quite nicely—guess we can thank the wet weather for that at least.
Nanny would be so pleased that we are one step closer to having the fence made.

It is time for me to pull the bulls now as well. I need to take some time this week and get that job done.
For the most part they will be happy since the bugs are bad now and they are less happy. They will fight for a few days and figure out once again who is the boss.
I will likely put my horse with them that way they won’t get too out of control because if they do, he straightens them out.
So I wish and should be cutting hay but I need some good weather.
There is never nothing to do—cattle trailer needs to be cleaned, fences need to be painted, and we can always add on to the duck pen since they just keep growing and growing!