Summers are much too short

Wow, here we are at the end of July and into our crop tour/open house week.
It honestly makes me a little sad. Time goes so fast and summer is much too short.
I hope some of you are thinking about attending our crop tour this Thursday (July 27) and/or join us at the annual open house at the Emo Agricultural Research Station later that evening!
We are planning to meet at EARS at 9:30-9:45 a.m. and then drive around to see just some of the great crops in Rainy River District. We also will be joined by many special guests!
Everyone is encouraged to pack their own lunch, and we will try to ride-share as much as possible.
Meanwhile, the open house at EARS is set to start at 7 p.m. We look forward to showing you what we have been working on this year.
• • •
I spent most of last week in southern Ontario. Of course, it had to be the best week of weather we had this month but I committed to attending a meeting so I followed through.
Thankfully, my dad kept plugging away at haying so we still made progress while I was gone.
For once, there were others in much worse shape than us! Some people hadn’t even pulled their machines out of the shed because the weather hasn’t been co-operating at all.
In fact, some were complaining about the inches of standing water in the field and how they getting receiving three or four inches of rain at a time!
I explained to them that I certainly understood what it was like, but I wasn’t sure if I should feel sorry for them since most don’t think about us in the years that we struggle.
• • •
You may have noticed we now have the cable up in our hops yard. A big thanks to the staff from Daryl’s Landscaping for coming and stringing it.
I was away, of course, but the crew did a great job of getting the next step complete.
We are hoping to have things all dialed in and the hops plants all planted before tomorrow’s open house at EARS but we will see how things all fall into place.
We are having another tour here today for a private group so time will be a factor.
At the meeting I was attending last week, I met a young guy who is putting in a small yard on Manitoulin Island and shared with me some of his tips.
• • •
Sunday was our 4-H Beef Club’s fun day! We had a great morning of showing and talking about some tips with our steers and heifers.
Maddie and Marlee both took their heifers and were so pleased with how well everyone behaved.
We also are so thankful that Tony and Penny Flatt offer to host us. They have a wonderful set-up and welcome us each year.
We have 20 members in our club so with parents and grandparents attending, it is a pretty big day! Thanks to Tony and Penny as we really appreciate this!
• • •
With a large number of 4-H steers up for sale this year at the Emo Fair, I would like to encourage everyone to find a friend and consider purchasing a steer together!
You won’t be disappointed by this great “Rainy River Raised” beef.
If you have any questions about purchasing a steer, don’t be afraid to get in touch with me!