Summer is sneaking by quickly

Wow, here we are in the last week of June. Summer is sneaking past us rather quickly.
Many of the dairy farms have competed their first cut of hay while we beef farmers are just thinking about getting started. I hope to start this week–so I likely will make it rain!
The fields look decent despite the cold, slow start. Mind you, looking good from the edge of the field and once you get right in there are two different things.
We normally would be cutting here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station but we are waiting on a belt for our chopper. I was hoping it would arrive Monday and that we will be busy with that all week.
My new boss also is scheduled to arrive this week.
Tom Beach of Kemptville College will be around for a few days, and I’m hoping I can take some time and give him a tour of our beautiful district besides just looking at our plots.
• • •
When I see people out and about, they mention they enjoying reading my “Moos” but moreso when I share Maddie and Marlee stories.
With any kids, the stories are endless and often involve humour. This particular one I didn’t find too funny, but Marlee managed to bring humour into it.
I recently upgraded to a new cellphone plan, and purchased a new phone and a very expensive case to hopefully protect it from water–and my dusty jobs. I wasn’t happy with the case, however, since it looked as though I had dust underneath it.
I decided I should pop the case apart and try cleaning my phone. But as I removed the screw and set it up along with the back cover, I saw Marlee grab it. I asked her not to play with it since I didn’t want to lose the screw or anything to do with the case since it was very expensive.
Of course, she didn’t listen and as I was dusting, I heard this dreadful little noise–it was her poking a hole with the screw through the camera slot. Yep, I was so impressed!
She just looked at me with this little grin on her face. I had to walk away from her. I then sent her dad a text while she went and sat in the truck for a while.
So much for my water-proof case.
A few days after this, Maddie and Marlee came for a sleepover for last week’s school tour. I asked my mom to come and give them a bath while I finished my whipper-snippering.
I came in to find Marlee waiting for me in her bathing suit since she was ready for the swimming pool (which is my hot-tub!) And she couldn’t wait to tell me, “Yeah, so ya know how I broke your cellphone case? Well, grandma just broke your shower–on purpose!”
For Marlee it made it all better, although the $20 shower head didn’t upset me as much as the $90 case.
Her dad bought me a new case and told her that she wouldn’t be getting any treats for a while–and was worried she wouldn’t be getting a “graduation present!”
• • •
This Thursday, I will be bringing some farm animals to Scott Street (watch for us near the Northwestern Health Unit office).
We will try be set up around 9 a.m.
It is great that Fort Frances’ businesses are trying to partner agriculture with the town! They are looking to connect the dots on what it takes to make and grow our food!
Hope to see you Thursday!