Successful week at EARS

I hope the summer weather returns. It was pretty darn cool this a.m. and though the sun was shining, we had quite a shower of rain as we arrived at the Research Station.
Last week was a successful week despite the fact we had close to a one inch of rain mid-week. We only had a few drops at home and I understand Fort Frances was hit even harder.
The hops are climbing well, and they really enjoyed those hot days.
We were able to spray some weeds and the soybeans finally look like they have fully emerged.
It was a slow germination for many plants this year.
On Saturday, I had many calls about a deer that had been injured on the highway and was suffering in our plots.
Thank you to those who called about it and those who took care of it for us.
We are not the toughest bunch here when it comes to seeing an injured/dead animal.
Last week, Claire rescued a Stonefly (search that up) and built it a habitat and released it once it was stronger. Most people would have stepped on the thing and walked away.
• • •
Saturday was sheep shearing day! It was certainly a hot one!
The alpaca started things off and Evan, our male alpaca, needed his feet and teeth down as well. He felt brand new!
Their wool is really amazing. Once they were sheared, we ran them all through the handling facilities once again and dewormed and vaccinated them all before they were off to pasture.
Talk about some happy sheep.
• • •
Sunday in the pouring rain, we moved two groups of cattle. One group is on pasture at home and the other one we moved to my grandma’s.
We have a third group that is going to stay on hay until the end of the month when we pull our bulls. They are not as happy, but they will be fine for this length of time.
Maddie and Marlee were out and really got a good farm workout in. We took time to get their 4-H heifers in as well.
We are still behind on our 4-H workbook, but we will try our best to get back on track. We had little downtime on the weekend, so we will make better efforts ahead.
• • •
We acquired a dwarf bunny last week! More competition for Black Bettie!
Actually, the new bunny is off living in Fort Frances with the girls and living her best life.
She will be dressed up and played with by the neighbourhood.
• • •
I am leaving the farm for a few days this week.
My girlfriend and I are heading to Barrie, Ont. to attend the graduation of our friend, Destiny! She will now be a registered nurse.
We are so proud and happy for her. I don’t leave home well but always feel better if my mom and dad are home.
They are leaving out of town, as well.
My boyfriend/partner still has three weeks left of having zero weight on his foot, so naturally I am stressing but my vet cousin assured my she can handle the duties.
She also has a job, vet business and three kids to care for.
Time will go fast, and I do know things will be fine.
I always feel back making everyone do my piddly chores like bottle lambs and rabbits.