‘Street Meat’ returning to Emo

What an amazing weekend to celebrate Canada!
We couldn’t have asked for better weather. I was able to bale some hay and still take a day off and head to Mine Centre for a day.
This is ideal weather for making dry hay–hot but still with a good breeze. It really makes a sometimes stressful job quite enjoyable.
The extended forecast is jumping all over the place, but it is hard to not keep cutting when the weather is as it was over the weekend.
I am hearing reports of both good hay crops and bad hay crops.
It really depends on how much rain you received and when you received it.
So far, I can’t complain. There is nothing better than cutting and baling heavy hay–that hasn’t been rained on.
• • •
I made my annual trip to Mine Centre to so some fishing with the Bliss family.
We are really missing our Auntie Kathy who looked forward to a July fishing weekend on Turtle Lake every year. Life isn’t always so fair.
We were a day late because of haying but enjoyed a quick fish fry and visit before most of the family were headed home.
We stayed and fished the afternoon and had a good day on the lake.
I thought it was a perfect day but that is because I caught a lot of fish. I think more than my dad, but he disagrees.
Most were small, but it is still fun catching.
Seeing everyone out on their boats, siting on beaches and playing on the water makes me wonder if I could do this if I wasn’t farming?
Not sure. I am not brave around the water–can’t even swim–but I was a bit envious of the relaxed lifestyle.
Most likely one day a year for me would be enough.
• • •
Since it is now July, I can now ask you to mark on your calendars that the EARS Open House is booked for July 25 at 7 p.m.
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association Farm Tour will be held that same day from 10 a.m, until 3 p.m.
I have yet to nail down the group to plan the tour but that is the correct date!
• • •
As I turned the page on my Day-Timer for the month of July, I was quickly reminded of the Emo Fall Fair list of jobs that needs to happen anytime now. Order, plan and book.
We are always looking for Jackpot Heifer sponsors if there is anyone out there interested.
We don’t like to bother the businesses that purchase 4-H steers, but we are trying to grow this class.
It is open to anyone. You need a yearling heifer, you must pay $20 and register with the Fair Board Office prior.
If you would like to sponsor this class, please let me know.
• • •
This week you are going to want to be in Emo on Friday! “Street Meat” will be making a return to Front Street in Emo.
To top it all off, Becky has decided to go with fish and chips for the menu! Fresh local walleye and locally-grown Gerber potatoes.
We are expecting to be a busy time. We are planning to cook from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. and the cost is $8.
We look forward to seeing you this Friday at Rainy River Meats for “Street Meat!”
• • •
I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Canada.
We are so lucky to live in such a great country!