Still plenty of work to do

It’s crazy how quickly time is flying by. And even more crazy is how quickly the days are become so short!
It sure makes a difference with drying time. Even the slightest amount of rain makes a big impact and you are off the land a lot longer than our longer summer days.

There’s still lots to do at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. Besides seed-cleaning, we need to finish spraying Round-Up and then tackle plowing.
We still are expecting a winter wheat trial, and have had to do some re-organizing, but still plan to install our poles for our hops yard. I think I’ve found myself some great help for afternoons now, as well.
There is plenty to do on the farm, as well. Manure getting hauled out likely is at the top of the list now but the lambs and calves also need to be weaned. We plan to sell calves at the Oct. 1 cattle sale in Stratton while the lambs will be booked in at the abattoir once they reach 100 pounds.
At least the lawn should be slowing down now and that will free up some weekend time!

Maddie and Marlee wanted to get up to the trapline before they became really busy with hockey, so we tackled that adventure this past weekend.
We did a fair bit of exploring, but then we saw a snake so that put an end to my wanting to do much more adventuring.
The girls tried to find it and get rid of it for me, but they were unsuccessful.
The underwater camera was a big success, however, and we trolled around finding fish. We also found a pretty good mushroom patch and brought home enough for my mom’s birthday supper.

You should plan a visit to Emo on Friday and take the time to stop into the farmers’ market on the corner next to Rainy River Meats.
They currently have three vendors with local produce, baking, honey–you name it.
It is well worth the stop. You easily could pick up an entire locally-grown meal right there on the corner!

I’ve been receiving many calls these past few weeks from people looking to purchase a farm or even land here in Northwestern Ontario.
For many, the chance of them owning their own farm in many parts of our country is slim because of the high land prices and lack of it. Many are seeing that the north is a good option for them.
If you are considering selling your farm or even some land, let me know and I will put them in touch with you.
I’m just trying to make the connections; I don’t want to be involved with prices, etc.

The Rainy River Regional Abattoir has booked its annual meeting for Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Barwick Hall.
We are hoping that our members will take the time out to come for the update.

A work bee once again will be held this Saturday (Sept. 17) from 9-9:30 a.m. at the Stratton sales barn.
We are working on installing the equipment that was moved over from our AIF building in Rainy River.
Our next sale is slated for Saturday, Oct. 1 and we’re hoping to have things in place for that.

I hope you have taken the time to purchase your ticket for the Riverside Foundation’s annual fundraising gala (this year’s theme is “Mobsters & Dames”).
It will be held Saturday, Sept. 24 starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Fort Frances Curling Club.
It not only is a good time with good food and company, but a great way to raise money for local health care!
Get your tickets by calling 274-4803.