Still no sign of my heifer

Well, no luck yet in finding our missing heifer.
We have continued our search, but still no birds or bones. Strange.
Poor Maddie and Marlee definitely are getting a real taste of farming—good and bad. The worst part is not knowing what happened.
• • •
I spent most of last week in Peterborough at an Ontario Cattlemen’s Association meeting, which saw mostly positive information being passed along.
In fact, there are people predicting good cattle prices for a few more years yet so this keeps up the positive optimism.
Some of the not-so-good news is simply because of government cutbacks and we will have to keep this all in mind given the chance of a provincial election in the spring.
Still, it seems the rest of the province is beginning to see that Northern Ontario is where it may be at. With our land base and endless possibilities, it is looking like things slowly will be coming our way.
Despite the hardships in other industries, agriculture is here to stay!
• • •
I’m starting to get a bit freaked out about Christmas. I finished putting up my outside lights, but that’s where it ended.
The only decoration I have in the house is my new Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and it now proudly supports a pink “Marlee” across the wooden frame that “accidently” appeared there.
I normally wash all the walls and do a deep clean before the holiday decorations appear, but I just don’t think that will happen.
Meanwhile, I’m getting cards in the mail and I haven’t even found the card list yet! And we just won’t even talk about gifts.
The worst part is we are celebrating early this year with the girls because it is their Florida year.
I guess it will all come together, but I think that’s why the holiday comes and goes so quickly since we have such high expectations of ourselves!
I do hope everyone is gearing up for the season and are excited to celebrate.