Still finishing up work at station

Most years I’m finished at the Emo Agricultural Research Station by Dec. 1, but that isn’t the case this year as I still have to finish my forage data.
I think the fact that the building is not overly warm will make me work harder to complete it!
I debated just taking the computer home and finishing everything there, but I’m afraid I’ll be too easily distracted with my own list. So I just will dress warm and work hard (and fast!)
Once the data is finished, then I will move on to working on the partnerships, contracts, and plans for our next season.
It’s hard to imagine we will be growing anything on these crisp mornings we have been experiencing. Unfortunately, my truck didn’t like the crisp morning, either!
Yes, I had it plugged in but the door had been left open enough to keep the interior light on and it wouldn’t start.
Thankfully, my mom was up and able to pull my truck out of the garage and then boost it. Late for work but I did make it!
• • •
Last week was rough on our pets. “Mr. Wilson” (a spayed female rabbit) that I have been baby-sitting for more than eight years passed away last week.
I was worried that she wouldn’t make last winter but she came through it nicely.
The Jackson family owned “Mr. Wilson” but she was a house bunny that wasn’t adapting to the house rules, so she came to me temporarily (that’s what the kids thought).
She was a very friendly, quiet bunny that Marlee claimed as hers. We will miss her but the promise was to replace “Mr. Wilson” when the time came with a new bunny.
And since Maddie has “Brownee,” a male bunny, we hope to attempt to make baby bunnies once it is much closer to spring!
• • •
Then near the end of the day last Thursday, my mom called concerned that “Kloee,” their six-year-old dog, was not able to stand and had been lying outside most of the afternoon in the same spot.
“Kloee” usually didn’t spend that much time outside during this time of the year.
“Rox” and I headed to help. Unfortunately, it seemed as though her back end was just unable to support her. We did manage to get her into the house, which wasn’t the easiest job since she was quite a big (overweight) dog.
Alas, she didn’t improve any so they made that horrible decision of getting her put down.
It could have been a number of things that went wrong, but it’s hard to see your pet suffer. It was a tougher decision knowing that she still was a relatively young dog.
Pets become so much a part of families–it is never easy to say good-bye.
• • •
Maddie, Marlee, and their teammates were off to Kenora for a hockey tournament over the weekend. It was great for my mom and dad to get away with hockey to keep their minds off losing “Kloee.”
My boyfriend/partner and I ventured (in freezing rain, crazy snow, and not-so-great roads) to Kenora for the day Saturday. My almost step-kid had purchased a new snowmachine and we went there to pick it up.
It worked out in that we were able to take in two games of Mad and Mars, and as well as one game of Clayton’s great-nieces from Dryden.
Congratulations to Maddie and Marlee’s team for winning every game en route to the tournament title. Oh, how the Bliss family enjoys this!
• • •
We are hoping that somehow we will be able to organize our schedules to take part in the Emo “Holly Daze” parade this Friday.
Participating makes things so much more enjoyable!
I hope everyone takes the time to visit Emo for their annual event!